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The key to effective writing instruction is plenty of practice and immediate feedback. The class-tested and proven instructional approach of The Bare Essentials, combined with rich online grammar practice, will allow instructors to offer more personalized support to struggling writers without overwhelming them with grading. Known for clear explanations, a multitude of practice opportunities, and a strong instructor support package, The Bare Essentials has for over 30 years been the preferred choice for students and instructors who need coverage of  grammar and sentence and paragraph writing skills. In the latest edition, new co-author Gregory Holditch has updated many of the examples in the text and moved the work towards a more flexible format that will provide a number of options for teaching and learning. The foundational core concept pieces - grammar rules and essentials of English writing skills - continue to be provided and the workbook exercises have now been fully re-integrated into the core textbook.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Words

Chapter 1: Choosing the Right Words
Chapter 2: Hazardous Homonyms
Chapter 3: Capital Letters
Chapter 4: Numbers

Unit 2: Sentences

Chapter 5: Cracking the Sentence Code
Chapter 6: Solving Sentence-Fragment Problems
Chapter 7: Solving Run-On Sentence Problems
Chapter 8: Solving Modifier Problems
Chapter 9: The Parallelism Principle
Chapter 10: Refining by Combining

Unit 3: Grammar

Chapter 11: Choosing the Correct Verb Form
Chapter 12: Mastering Subject-Verb Agreement
Chapter 13: Keeping Your Tenses Consistent
Chapter 14: Choosing the Correct Pronoun Form
Chapter 15: Mastering Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Chapter 16: Maintaining Person Agreement

Unit 4: Punctuation

Chapter 17: The Comma
Chapter 18: The Semicolon
Chapter 19: The Colon
Chapter 20: The Apostrophe
Chapter 21: Quotation Marks
Chapter 22: Question Marks, Exclamation Marks, and Punctuation Review

Unit 5: Paragraphs and Essays

Chapter 23: Finding Something to Write About
Chapter 24: Managing the Main Points
Chapter 25: The Thesis Statement
Chapter 26: The Outline
Chapter 27: Paragraphs
Chapter 28: Introductions and Conclusions
Chapter 29: Keeping Your Reader with You
Chapter 30: Revising Your Paper
Chapter 31: Documenting Your Sources
Chapter 32: Paraphrasing

Unit 6: For EAL Learners: A Review of the Basics

Chapter 33: Choosing the Correct Verb Tense
Chapter 34: More about Verbs
Chapter 35: Solving Plural Problems
Chapter 36: Using Articles Accurately
Chapter 37: Practising with Prepositions

Unit 7: Readings

Model Essays:
Wei Chan, “With Great Power: Three Superhero Origin Stories”
Brian Green, “Career Consciousness”
Aadhya Patel, “Fist Fights: Protecting NHL Players Since 1917”
Dani Boudin, “Fighting in Hockey: Good Riddance”

Advanced Essays:
Tommy Akulukjuk, “My Father and the Baby Seal”
Sun-Kyung Yi, “An Immigrant’s Split Personality”
B. J. Menzel, “Point, Click, Date: The Online Matchmaking Phenomenon”
Stephen Marche, “Hello, Dollies”
Richard Wagamese, “Returning to Harmony”

Documented Essay:
Dahlia Rodriguez, “Learning a New Language: Why Is It So Hard?”
(MLA Documentation Style)
Dahlia Rodriguez, “Learning a New Language: Why Is It So Hard?”
(APA Documentation Style)


A: The Writer’s Toolkit
B: The Fundamentals
C: List of Useful Terms
D: Answers to Exercises


Time Line