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Dental Office Administration, 2nd Edition

By Sandie Baillargeon

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416 pages
ISBN-13: 9781774128480
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 2ns
Dental Office Administration has been designed to guide new and/or existing Dental Office Administrators through many of the complex issues that they will face, such as the changes in privacy laws, insurance adjudication, personnel performance issues, client relations, marketing and advertising and many other valuable topics. Each topic reflects a mutual relationship between the health care provider and informed consumers and who are active participants in their own wellness. The second edition has been completely reorganized; there are now three main sections in the text: the language of dentistry, daily operations of a dental practice, and practical office management skills, policies, and procedures for dental clinics.


All chapters have been completely revised and updated to reflect the myriad of changes in the dental services industry, and those that affect the role of the dental office administrator, since the first edition. Examples of updates include changes to privacy laws, increased competition among dental practices, the emergence of online marketing and advertising, and the methods of maintaining patient relationships.

+ New! Two new chapters (infection control and occupational health and safety) added for this edition, including a specific section on COVID-19.

+ Updated information regarding accessibility standards that will be required by all dental businesses by 2025.

+ Changed chapter objectives to behavioural objectives as per the request of reviewers.

+ Links to ABELDent software tutorials included throughout the text so students can practice real-life tasks performed by dental office administrators.

+ Visuals from the ABELDent software program added throughout the text to illustrate examples of reports, forms, schedules, and other documents that can be generated from the software.

+ Revised or updated end-of-chapter assignment boxes in most chapters.


Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Role of the Dental Office Administrator
CHAPTER 2: Translating Dental Terms into Common Language
CHAPTER 3: Oral Structures and Facial Anatomy
CHAPTER 4: Tooth Identification and Numbering Systems
CHAPTER 5: Preventive Dentistry and Oral Pathology
CHAPTER 6: Dental Pharmacology
CHAPTER 7: Understanding the Patient Record
CHAPTER 8: Patient Communications
CHAPTER 9: The Appointment Schedule
CHAPTER 10: Telephone and Electronic Communications
CHAPTER 11: Dental Insurance
CHAPTER 12: Continuing-Care Systems

CHAPTER 13: Records Management
CHAPTER 14: Financial Controls – Accounts Receivable
CHAPTER 15: Accounts Payable, Expenses, Inventory Control, and Payroll
CHAPTER 16: Day-end and Month-end Procedures
CHAPTER 17: Occupational Health and Safety Program in the Dental Office
CHAPTER 18: Infection Prevention and Control, WHMIS/GHS, and Accessibility Standards in the Dental Office
CHAPTER 19: Human Resources Management in Dentistry
CHAPTER 20: Marketing and Advertising in Dentistry
CHAPTER 21: Daily Operating Policies and Procedures
CHAPTER 22: The Job Search – Putting Skills to Work

Author Information

Sandie Baillargeon

Sandie is a leading authority on how to increase the effectiveness of medical and dental business systems. Ms. Baillargeon is author of two text books, Dental Office Administration and The Canadian Dental Office Administrator published by ITP Nelson Canada. She created the first Certificate Course in Dental Practice Management at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry. Sandie has lectured at dental faculties across North America and has had many articles published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. As owner/operator of Dental Office Consulting Services, Sandie specializes in dental practice management consulting, hiring and coaching dental teams, implementation of in office programs, dental business and operational plans.