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Basic Bookkeeping: An Office Simulation, 8th Edition

By Brooke C.W. Barker

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Soft Cover
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 8th

Basic Bookkeeping: An Office Simulation, Eighth Edition, takes an exciting learn-by-doing approach using a company case simulation so that students can gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of the bookkeeping process. This edition contains updated payroll deduction tables and the latest sales tax rates. Its applied approach puts the students in the role of the bookkeeper for KBC Decorating Co. and challenges them to maintain the financial records for the company through one fiscal year. This text is designed to teach the fundamental concepts and applications of bookkeeping.


  • *NEW* This edition provides options in many of the practice exercises to calculate sales taxes using the method of calculation applicable in each student's home province (GST only, HST, or GST plus PST).
  • Supplementary Exercises are available online in Microsoft Excel format for additional practice of basic bookkeeping concepts along with basic Excel formulas.
  • Objectives are provided at the beginning of each chapter to identify the major areas and points covered in the chapter and to guide the learning process.
  • A complete list of bookkeeping-related terms used throughout the text, including the key terms highlighted in each chapter, is found in the Glossary at the back of the book.
  • Each chapter includes practice exercises that provide students with ample opportunity to review how well they have learned the material in the chapter.
  • Each chapter contains a series of theory questions that teachers can use to generate class discussion on issues addressed in the chapter and to check that the students have a firm grasp of the concepts presented.
  • At the end of Chapters 3 to 15 are the case study activities for KBC Decorating Company. This ongoing exercise incorporates each new concept into the company's monthly transactions, chapter by chapter, month by month, with the results being greater student understanding, greater student confidence, and a more practical real-world experience in keeping financial records.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Chapter 2: Recording the Transaction
  • Chapter 3: The Ledger
  • Chapter 4: Correcting Entries and Sales Taxes in Canada
  • Chapter 5: Freight In, Delivery Expense, and Duty and Brokerage
  • Chapter 6: Using Special Journals
  • Chapter 7: Credit Notes, Refunds, and Discounts
  • Chapter 8: Remitting GST and HST
  • Chapter 9: Accounting for Cash
  • Chapter 10: Payroll
  • Chapter 11: Partnerships and Corporations
  • Chapter 12: Accounts Receivable and Bad Debts
  • Chapter 13: Interim Profit or Loss
  • Chapter 14: At Year-End: Preparing to Close the Books
  • Chapter 15: At Year-End: Closing the Books
  • Appendix A: Real-World Financial Statements
  • Appendix B: Answers to Think About It!
  • Appendix C: Chart of Accounts: KBC Decorating Co.
  • Glossary
  • Index

Author Information

Brooke C.W. Barker

Brooke Barker has authored all five editions of Basic Bookkeeping. He has been involved with the NACC over the years and has a good understanding of their curriculum needs.