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Our Society: Human Diversity in Canada, 4th Edition

By Angelini
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448 pages
ISBN-10: 0176503544
ISBN-13: 9780176503543
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

Written for Canadians, by Canadians, Our Society provides students with an up-to-date analysis of the major diversities that characterize Canadian society. The contributors use several paradigms to frame their discussion, including inequality, sexuality, regionalism, family, disability, the media, race, class and gender, to challenge students to think critically about the world around them.


  • *NEW* Social Stratification chapter includes information on the impact of the recent economic downturn
  • *NEW* New discussion on the influence of South Asian communities
  • *NEW* New chapter on Sexuality written about living in a heterosexual society when you are not heterosexual.
  • *NEW* New chapter on Literature, as a voice of and for diversity, instead of a reflection of it.
  • *NEW* Updated statistics, data, and examples
  • InfoTrac® is a powerful online learning resource consisting of thousands of full-text articles from hundreds of journals and periodicals. By doing a simple keyword search, students quickly generate a list of relevant full-text articles from thousands of possibilities. InfoTrac®'s continually updated collection of articles can be useful for doing reading and writing assignments that reach beyond the pages of this text. Students who purchase a new copy of this text will receive free access to InfoTrac® College Edition for a four month term.
  • Student Companion site includes "Test Yourself" questions, chapter links, downloadable supplements, glossary, and general Sociology links
  • The writing style, organization and level of analysis is appropriate for students with little to no prior knowledge.
  • Important terms are included in the Glossary at the end of the text with page numbers for easy reference.
  • Boxed features within each chapter include "Have You Heard" and "Critical Thinking Outside the Box".

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: An Overview of Diversity in Canada
  • Chapter 1: Regionalism in Canada: The Forgotten Diversity
  • Chapter 2: Demographic Trends in Canada
  • Part Two: The Many Faces of Diversity
  • Chapter 3: Social Inequality and Stratification in Canada
  • Chapter 4: Race and Ethnicity: The Obvious Diversity
  • Chapter 5: Aboriginal Peoples
  • Chapter 6: Religion as Meaning and the Canadian Context
  • Chapter 7: Disability as Difference
  • Chapter 8: Diversity and Conformity: The Role of Gender
  • Chapter 9: Sexual Diversity in Canada
  • Chapter 10: Diversity in Canadian Families: Traditional Values and Beyond
  • Part Three: The Treatment and Perception of Diversity
  • Chapter 11: The Medium Diversifies the Message: How Media Portray Diversity
  • Chapter 12: Literature: The Voice of Diversity
  • Glossary
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Biographies
  • Index

Author Information

Angelo B. Mingarelli