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Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality, 2nd Edition

By Simon Hudson
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Soft Cover
516 pages
ISBN-10: 017644047X
ISBN-13: 9780176440473
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 2nd

Tourism is a powerful economic force providing employment, foreign exchange, income, and tax revenue for countries all over the world. Tourism is also an increasingly important sector of the Canadian economy. In 2006, Canada attracted over 18 million international overnight visitors who spent nearly $13 billion, making tourism one of Canada's top foreign-exchange earners. Over 10 percent of Canada's labour force works in tourism, accounting for approximately 1.7 million jobs!Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality: A Canadian Perspective, Second Edition continues to be the only text that deals specifically with marketing for tourism and hospitality in Canada. This unique focus makes this very readable text suitable for both academics and marketing practitioners from all sectors of the tourism industry: ranging from travel and destination organizations, to transportation and various other product suppliers.


  • *NEW* Chapter 10, Internet Marketing has been given a dedicated chapter on its own
  • *NEW* Chapter 13, Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
  • *NEW* Stronger International Coverage
  • *NEW* Consumer Behaviour is covered earlier
  • *NEW* New photos and advertisements have been added throughout, and the majority of photos have been replaced
  • *NEW* More real-life examples
  • Real-World Canadian and International Examples and Case Studies
  • Case Study: Each chapter contains an up-to-date and relevant case study.
  • Web Sites: Web addresses of companies discussed in the chapter are provided for further exploration.
  • Special Interest Boxes: Marketing in Action, Profiles and Snapshots.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Coverage, including Internet Marketing
  • International coverage
  • Impressive collection of current photos and advertisements throughout
  • New and updated statistics on Canadian tourism
  • Spotlights: Real-life examples linking to the material covered in the chapter.
  • Objectives: Objectives are provided at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Chapter Overview and Summary: Brief sections at the beginning and end of each chapter with summaries.
  • Discussion Questions and Exercises: Each chapter ends with discussion questions for review.

Author Information

Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson is a Professor in Tourism and Marketing at the University of Calgary in Canada. He has held previous academic positions at universities in England, and has worked as a visiting professor in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Fiji, New Zealand, the US, and Australia. Prior to working in academia, Dr. Hudson spent several years working in the tourism industry in Europe, and he now consults for the industry in Alberta and British Columbia. This is Dr. Hudson's third book. His first, written in 2000 called 'Snow Business', was the first book to be written about the international ski industry, and 'Sports and Adventure Tourism' was published in 2003. The marketing of tourism is the focus of his research and he has published numerous journal articles and book chapters from his work. He is frequently invited to international tourism conferences as a keynote speaker.