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Adult Development and Aging: The Canadian Experience, 1st Edition

By Lori Harper, Bonnie Dobbs
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ISBN-10: 0176594132
ISBN-13: 9780176594138
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

Designed to meet the needs of today’s students by presenting a uniquely positive perspective on aging, Adult Development and Aging, The Canadian Experience, challenges readers to examine their own ageism and to consider the gains as well as the losses people experience across adulthood. This first truly Canadian edition provides relatable examples, case studies, up-to-date research, and relevant global and Canadian demographics as well as loads of StatsCan data--all set within a conversational, approachable narrative that avoids overly academic or clinical language. Engaging pedagogy, which is built to help students retain information, supplement their learning, and consider career options appears throughout the text.


  • Case Study and Lived Experience boxes bring core concepts to life through down-to-earth scenarios that explore the experience of aging or of caring for someone who is aging
  • Figures, Tables, and Photos enrich the student experience through contemporary research and examples
  • The Good Practice insert awakens students to career options in geriatric mental health by profiling diverse practitioners from across the country
  • Learning Objectives at the start of most major sections promote a focused reading experience for maximum comprehension
  • Reflective questions throughout each chapter provoke readers to think critically and consider content through a personal lens
  • End-of-chapter study tools including a chapter summary and key terms encourage students to reflect on what they've learned and retain key concepts

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Issues to Consider in The Study of Adult Development
  • Chapter 2: Research Designs and Ethical Issues
  • Chapter 3: Physical Changes Associated with Aging
  • Chapter 4: Cognitive Changes, Post Formal Thought, and Wisdom
  • Chapter 5: Longevity, Health, and Functioning
  • Chapter 6: Mental Health and Mental Health Disorders
  • Chapter 7: Neurocognitive Disorders
  • Chapter 8: Canada?s Ethnic Diversity
  • Chapter 9: Aging and Personality Development
  • Chapter 10: Relationships
  • Chapter 11: Work, Retirement, and Leisure
  • Chapter 12: Dying: Another Stage of Life
  • Chapter 13: Living Arrangements of Older Adults

Author Information

Lori Harper

Dr. Lori Harper is a clinical psychologist in geriatric psychiatry at Villa Caritas Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, a clinical lecturer at the University of Alberta, and an instructor and field placement coordinator at MacEwan University. She was the Director of Training of the Edmonton Consortium Predoctoral Clinical Psychology training program for five years and still supervises graduate students, clinical and counselling psychology residents, as well as psychiatric residents. She is an accreditation site visitor for the Canadian Psychology Association. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Harper has focused her practice on geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Harper holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Calgary.

Bonnie Dobbs

Dr. Bonnie Dobbs is a full professor in the Department of Family Medicine, the Director of the Medically At-Risk Driver Centre, and the Director of Research for the Division of Care of the Elderly at the University of Alberta. Her primary research interests include the effects of medical conditions on driving, the consequences of driving cessation for medically impaired drivers and their families, and the role of alternate transportation in maintaining the mobility, independence, and safety of medically at-risk/impaired drivers and for the older population in general. Dr. Dobbs holds a Ph.D. in gerontology with specialization in psychology, human ecology, and medicine from the University of Alberta.