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The Harbrace Anthology of Drama, 4th Edition

By Jon Stott, Raymond E. Jones, Rick Bowers
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Soft Cover
528 pages
ISBN-10: 0176415432
ISBN-13: 9780176415433
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

The Harbrace Anthology of Drama 4e offers a wide and diverse selection of great plays by past and contemporary masters from all parts of the English-speaking world. Significant recent Canadian works round out the selection and offers readers in our own country an opportunity to experience Canadian plays in an international context. Along with a general introduction, The Harbrace Anthology of Drama includes and introduction to the genre, strategies for writing about literature, and a glossary of literary terms.


  • New play by Mary Pix entitled The Beau Defeated
  • New play by Linda Griffiths entitled Maggie and Pierr
  • Plays are organized chronologically according to the birth dates of playwrights - this allows for a broad range of responses to each work, unencumbered by artificial or technical groupings.
  • Date ordering emphasizes the historical continuity of literature by highlighting technical and thematic similarities found within different periods.
  • Approaching the material chronologically allows readers to discover the influence earlier works had on later ones.
  • Plays are prefaced by a headnote establishing the biographical and literary context.
  • Explanatory footnotes identify historical, fictional, and mythological personages; literary and artistic works; real and fictional places; and terms not often found in standard dictionaries to assist readers in the personal creation of meaning.
  • The "Writing About Literature in College and University" section is an indispensable student guide to academic writing that covers a variety of topics from basic essay composition and outline preparation to overcoming writer's block. It also offers specific instruction on writing techniques such as free writing and tree diagramming.
  • The "Glossary of Literary Terms" has been tailored to offer definitions of key terms, providing for readers both an awareness of essential concepts and a standard vocabulary for discussing drama.

Table of Contents

  • William Shakespeare
  • The Tempest
  • Mary Pix
  • The Beau Defeated
  • Oscar Wilde
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Caesar and Cleopatra
  • Tennessee Williams
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • Sharon Pollock
  • Blood Relations
  • Interview with Sharon Pollock
  • Judith Thompson
  • Sled
  • Linda Griffiths
  • Maggie and Pierre

Author Information

Jon Stott

Raymond E. Jones

Rick Bowers