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Healthy Foundations in Early Childhood Settings, 6th Edition

By Pimento/Kernested
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ISBN-10: 0176739173
ISBN-13: 9780176739171
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 6th

Healthy Foundations introduces students to the integral role educators play in creating and maintaining a healthy environment, which helps foster growth and development in children. The sixth edition has been thoroughly updated with research and the latest federal and provincial guidelines, and references Well Beings, written by the Canadian Paediatric Society. The textbook comes with access to NelsonStudy, a new online platform that allows students to review key concepts through self-study practice quizzes, videos, interactive exercises, and more. Healthy Foundations promotes and encourages a healthy living philosophy and reinforces the concept that educators play an integral role in maintaining and improving children’s overall health.


  • *NEW* Unit 8 includes information from Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre's Making a Difference: The Community Responds to Child Abuse manual, 8th edition.
  • *NEW* Unit 9 updates the topic of sexual development, including a more current view of gender behaviour, gender identify, and gender independent children.
  • *NEW* Statistics, references, and resources have been updated throughout.
  • *NEW* NelsonStudy brings course concepts to life with engaging and interactive learning tools, including self-study practice quizzes, videos, interactive exercises, and more. Students easily access NelsonStudy online from any device – no set up, just success! Activate your NelsonStudy access card at
  • *NEW* Unit 1 discusses adequate housing as a primary concern relating to social determinants of health, including the challenges faced by Indigenous people.
  • *NEW* In Unit 2, we have included recent research on health in the workplace, using the three levels of health promotion.
  • *NEW* Unit 5 includes updates from Health Canada (2017). There is coverage to reflect the concerns around the low intake of vegetables and fruits and high consumption of saturated fats, sugar, and salt.
  • *NEW* Unit 6 has updated information on childhood obesity and how sleep relates to healthy active living.
  • *NEW* The topic of risky play has been updated to reflect current beliefs that children can take manageable risks as part of building confidence in themselves, and the educator's role in supporting the children and managing the risks to keep them safe.
  • *NEW* Unit 7 reflects updates to the Canadian Standards Association's most recent "Children's Playspaces and Equipment" requirements.
  • The book focuses on an overall health promotion philosophy.
  • The book stresses the importance of respecting and partnering both with families and with other professionals to promote health within child care programs and beyond.
  • The definition and awareness of mental health promotion has been updated to be more current.

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1: Health Promotion
  • Unit 2: Occupational Health
  • Unit 3: Illness Prevention
  • Unit 4: Illness Management
  • Unit 5: Nutrition
  • Unit 6: Healthy Active Living
  • Unit 7: Safety Promotion
  • Unit 8: Preventing Child Maltreatment
  • Unit 9: Supporting Children?s Development

Author Information

Barbara Pimento

Barb has been involved in the early childhood profession since 1975. She was faculty at Lambton College (Sarnia) until 1983, and faculty/coordinator in The School of Early Childhood at George Brown College (GBC, Toronto) for almost 30 years. Barb has participated in numerous health related initiatives, journal articles, committees, projects and campaigns, ranging in issues of child maltreatment, physical activity, nutrition, and occupational health. Her focus has been in areas of health promotion inter-professional education. Barb is the co-author of Healthy Foundations in Early Childhood Settings with Deborah Kernested (5 editions, since 1994). She is married to Michael, and they have adult daughters, Taryn and Taylor. Barb's educational background includes an Ontario Early Childhood Education Diploma (RECE), an honours B.A. in Psychology, and a Masters in Health Science (Health Promotion). Presently Barb is working as a health promotion specialist in Health Sciences, GBC.