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World Religions: Canadian Perspectives - Eastern Traditions, 1st Edition

By Doris Jakobsh
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288 pages
ISBN-10: 0176501177
ISBN-13: 9780176501174
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

World Religions: Canadian Perspectives--Eastern Traditions provides students with a solid introduction to the study of world religions and highlights how Canadians have both experienced and shaped these religions. This text covers areas traditionally considered to be foundational, while also including material to address contemporary concerns. By addressing both the historical and the current impacts of religion, students come to learn how, in our increasingly globalized world, religions intersect and influence each other.


  • Canadian from the outset, this text reflects both the contributions and experiences of Canadians to different religions.
  • End-of-chapter resources include list of key terms, critical thinking questions, recommended readings, and useful websites.
  • World Religions: Canadian Perspectives also offers an interactive student companion site. This site includes flashcards, crossword puzzles, quizzes, weblinks, and other useful online resources. Go to to access these engaging materials.
  • InfoTrac® is a powerful online learning resource consisting of thousands of full-text articles from hundreds of journals and periodicals. By doing a simple keyword search, students quickly generate a list of relevant full-text articles from thousands of possibilities. InfoTrac®'s continually updated collection of articles can be useful for doing reading and writing assignments that reach beyond the pages of this text. Students who purchase a new copy of this text will receive free access to InfoTrac® College Edition for a four-month term.
  • Contributors are well-known and respected scholars in their respective areas.
  • Each chapter focuses on a different religion and addresses both the historical and current trends.
  • Each chapter includes stories and insights drawn from the writer's experience. These first-hand accounts provide students with the real-life application of what they are learning.
  • A balance between sacred texts and lived religion provides a wholesome picture of each religion.
  • A unique feature is the integration of the Canadian perspective, which includes both the history of the religion within the Canadian context, and how religions have changed over time as a result of being transplanted to Canada
  • A greater representation of women in the study of religion is included in each chapter.
  • A more thorough discussion about the internet and religion goes beyond just a list of URLs, and further examines the significance of religion online and the role that the internet has played in promoting and shaping religion today.
  • Timelines open each chapter and help situate the students within the larger historical context

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: The Study of Religion by Scott T. Klein
  • Chapter 2: Hinduism by Anne M. Pearson
  • Chapter 3: Jainism by Mikal A. Radford
  • Chapter 4: Sikhism by Doris R. Jakobsh
  • Chapter 5: Buddhism by Mavis L. Fenn
  • Chapter 6: Daoism and Confucianism by Alison R. Marshall
  • Chapter 7: Shinto by Kevin Bond
  • Index