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Health, Illness & Health Care in Canada, 4th Edition

By B. Singh Bolaria, Harley D. Dickinson
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Soft Cover
560 pages
ISBN-10: 0176406948
ISBN-13: 9780176406943
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

Health, Illness and Health Care in Canada, 4/e features contributors from all over the country, addressing the widest possible range of perspectives and issues related to sociological determinants of health and illness, and the means of providing health care in the Canadian system. It examines how the causes, distribution and consequences of injury and illness are at least partly the product of social, economic and political factors. All chapters are the result of original research and analysis written for this book by leading experts in the field.


  • *NEW* Expanded scope of health issues to include: the emergence of the public health system in Canada; migration of physicians and nurses into and out of Canada; complimentary and alternative medicine; midlife health; and safety of Canada's blood supply
  • *NEW* New contributions in areas such as environmental and occupational health and safety; ethnicity; aging and health; and population and health status with fresh perspectives added to the scope and strength of this edition. The revised and updated chapters incorporate new developments, emerging research perspectives, and debates in their respective areas.
  • Topics have been chosen by the editors to reflect major issues in the field of medical sociology
  • Offers a critical approach to health issues, based on original research and analysis
  • Each part begins with an introduction written by the editors and each chapter ends with a list of suggested readings, glossary terms, and study questions
  • Incorporates an emphasis on women's health issues, as well as on nursing issues

Table of Contents

  • PART 1: The Canadian Health Care System and the Health Status of Canadians
  • 1. Sociology, Medicine, Health, and Illness: An Overview, B. Singh Bolaria
  • 2. Health Care and Health Reforms: Trends and Issues, Harley D. Dickinson
  • 3. The Emerging Public Health System in Canada, Harley D. Dickinson and Elizabeth Quinlan
  • 4. Health Status in Canada, Roanne Thomas-MacLean and Jennifer Poudrier
  • PART 2: The Health Sector Workforce and Delivery of Health Care
  • 5. On the Move: The Migration of Physicians and Nurses into and out of Canada, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
  • 6. Transformations in Canadian Nursing and Nurse Education, Terry Wotherspoon
  • 7. Constrained Agency: The Social Structure of Nurses' Work, Colleen Varcoe and Patricia Rodney
  • 8. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada: From Marginal to Mainstream, Herbert C. Northcott
  • PART 3: Inequality and Health Care
  • 9. Inequality, Food Insecurity, Food Banks, and Health, B. Singh Bolaria and Rosemary Bolaria
  • 10. Overcoming Hurdles: Health Care and Aboriginal People, Jim S. Frideres
  • 11. Multiculturalism, Ethnicity, Aging, and Health Care, Karen Kobayashi
  • PART 4: Women, Family, and Health
  • 12. Women's Lives, Women's Health, B. Singh Bolaria and Rosemary Bolaria
  • 13. Through Medical Eyes: The Medicalization of Women's Bodies and Womens Lives, Carol Berenson, Leslie J. Miller, and Deborah A. Findlay
  • 14. Inequality, Violence, and Women's Health, Colleen Varcoe
  • PART 5: The Health of Children, Youth, Midlife, and the Elderly
  • 15. Inequality, Family, and Child Health B. Singh Bolaria and Rosemary Bolaria
  • 16. The Pathology of Powerlessness: Adolescent Health in Canada Bernard Schissel
  • 17. Midlife Health Lynn Meadows
  • 18. Aging, Health and Health Care: From Hospital and Residential Care to Home and Community Care Margaret J. Penning and Kristine Votova
  • PART 6: Environment, Work, and Health
  • 19. Environmental Health and Society S. Harris Ali
  • 20. "Don't Work Too Hard:" Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation in Canada
  • Robert Storey
  • PART 7: Current Issues and Public Policy
  • 21. Mental Health Policy In Canada: What's The Problem? Harley D. Dickinson and Paul J. Graham
  • 22. Profits First: The Pharmaceutical Industry in Canada Joel Lexchin and Mary E. Wiktorowicz
  • 23. Ethics in Health Care in Canada Janet Storch, Patricia Rodney, and Rosalie Starzomski
  • 24. Making the Gift of Life Safer: The Canadian Tainted Blood Scandal and its Regulatory Consequences Andre Smith and Jay Fiddler
  • 25. Personal and Structural Determinants of Illness: Lifestyles and Life Chances B. Singh Bolaria and Rosemary Bolaria

Author Information

B. Singh Bolaria

Singh Bolaria is a Professor Emeritus at University of Saskatchewan since June 2003. He is well published in the areas of health, race and ethinicity and social inequality. He now lives in Victoria, BC and teaches part time at the University of Victoria.

Harley D. Dickinson

Harley D. Dickinson is a Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan. His research focuses on the relationship between knowledge creation, translation and application in the context of health care planning and service delivery.