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Custom Pub: Canadian Criminal Cases: Selected Highlights

By Simon Verdun-Jones
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ISBN-10: 0176684905
ISBN-13: 9780176684907
Publisher: Top Hat

This casebook was conceived as a vehicle for introducing students to a select number of judicial decisions that have played a substantial role in shaping the fabric of contemporary criminal law in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada is continuously developing and shaping the Criminal law and therefore this revised edition was created to keep abreast of the tide of change. The fourth edition of Canadian Criminal Cases: Selected Highlights contains 35 decisions delivered by the Supreme Court of Canada. Each of these cases has, to some extent, clarified the basic principles of Canadian criminal law and constitutes an important precedent.


  • *NEW* Each case is concluded with a series of critical thinking questions that ask students to apply their learning from the presented case material.
  • 14 entirely new cases that have shaped Canadian Criminal Law have been included

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Canadian Criminal Law
  • Chapter 2: The Actus Reus Elements of a Criminal Offence
  • Chapter 3: Causation in The Criminal Law
  • Chapter 4: The Mental Element in Criminal Law: Subjective Liability
  • Chapter 5: The Mental Element in Criminal Law: Objective Liability
  • Chapter 6: The Special Case of Regulatory Offences: Strict and Absolute Liability in Canada
  • Chapter 7: Modes of Participation in Crime and Inchoate Offences
  • Chapter 8: Mental Impairment and Criminal Responsibility: The Defences of ?Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder? and Automatism
  • Chapter 9: Mistake of Fact, Consent, and Mistake of Law as Defences to a Criminal Charge
  • Chapter 10: Partial Defences to a Criminal Charge: Provocation and Intoxication
  • Chapter 11: Necessity and Duress: Two Excuses Recognized by The Courts as Defences to a Criminal Charge
  • Chapter 12: Self-Defence and Defence of Property

Author Information

Simon Verdun-Jones

Dr. Verdun-Jones is Emeritus Professor at the School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University. He recently retired as Editor of the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. A graduate of the Yale Law School, He has written extensively in the areas of Criminal Law and Mental Health Law. He has also conducted research concerning the responses of the criminal justice system to individuals living with serious mental disorders and/or complex cooccurring mental-health, neuro-cognitive, addiction, and other major life challenges.