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Canadian Politics: Concise, 5th Edition

By Rand Dyck
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504 pages
ISBN-10: 0176503439
ISBN-13: 9780176503437
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 5th

With the revision of this market-leading text, Canadian Politics continues to provide students with a thorough account of Canadian politics and government. Canadian Politics continues to devote appropriate coverage to the political concerns of women, Aboriginal Canadians, and the continued conflict between English and French Canada. It is still one of the few texts to tackle the issue of social class, especially as related to the concern with government debt, and provides insights into the mass media and public opinion polls. This new edition updates the student on all the political happenings in Canada since the last edition. Student-friendly, engagingly-written and completely up-to-date, Canadian Politics realistically portrays the subject to today's student.


  • *NEW* All the statistics have been updated with the most recent data available.
  • *NEW* All the tables and graphs have the most recent data available been updated - 19/26 of tables have been revised.
  • *NEW* All significant recent political developments have been addressed, including updated material on the pending Canadian withdrawal from Afghanistan and other changes to Canada's international policies; recent developments in policy with respect to Aboriginals; Quebec's increasing concern about preserving the predominant French language amidst the arrival of new immigrants in their province; the impact of the recent Great Recession; discussion of the 2008 election campaign and pending changes to the electoral system; and an update on developments in various political parties and attempts to categorize the Harper government's ideology

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: The Societal Context
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Geography, Economy, and Class
  • Chapter 3: French Canada and the Quebec Question
  • Chapter 4: Aboriginal Peoples, Ethnocultural Minorities, and Gender
  • Chapter 5: The Global Context of Canadian Politics
  • Part Two: Linking People to Government
  • Chapter 6: Political Culture, Socialization, and Participation
  • Chapter 7: The Mass Media and Public Opinion Polls
  • Chapter 8: Elections and the Electoral System
  • Chapter 9: Political Parties
  • Chapter 10: Advocacy Groups, Social Movements, and Lobbying
  • Part Three: The Constitutional Context
  • Chapter 11: The Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Chapter 12: The Provinces and the Federal System
  • Part Four: Governing
  • Chapter 13: The Executive
  • Chapter 14: The Bureaucracy
  • Chapter 15: Parliament
  • Chapter 16: The Courts and the Administration of Justice
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Index

Author Information

Rand Dyck

Rand Dyck was born and raised in Calgary. After graduating from the University of Alberta with his B.A. in Political Science, he found the political culture of Ontario more to his liking, and took his M.A. at Carleton University and his Ph.D. at Queen's. Between his graduate degrees, he experienced the life of a public servant in Ottawa, but opted instead for an academic career. He taught at Laurentian University in Sudbury for 34 years, holding all sorts of administrative positions including department chair and vice dean, and took early retirement in 2005, upon which he was titled Professor Emeritus. He now teaches at Carleton University as an Adjunct Professor. Among his many accomplishments and awards, Rand received both the Laurentian University Teaching Excellence Award and the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Teaching Award in 2002. He was cited for his engaging teaching style and for his extraordinary commitment to his students, many of whom became life-long friends. One particular claim to fame was his organization of the annual Laurentian University Model Parliament held in the House of Commons chamber in Ottawa. As a Political Science professor, he has a long list of published articles, chapters, public speeches, and book reviews, and continues to be asked by the media for comments on current political developments.