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Canadian Police Work, 5th Edition

By Curt T. Griffiths
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ISBN-10: 017679610X
ISBN-13: 9780176796105
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 5th

The new edition of Canadian Police Work has been updated to reflect the most contemporary issues facing policing today while giving students a detailed overview of the profession. Students will learn the history of policing in Canada, the structure and operation of policing, the legal contexts of police work, and issues in policing. New features and materials will help students understand the concepts and topics the text introduces and gain an understanding of real-life situations police officers are faced with daily. Balancing research and real-life case examples, Canadian Police Work ensures students have a well-rounded perspective into the ongoing successes and challenges dealt with by those in policing.


  • *NEW* Chapter 5 on the police occupation from the fourth edition has been split into two new chapters: Chapter 5, "Becoming a Police Officer: Recruitment and Training", and Chapter 6, "Being a Police Officer: The Police Occupation."
  • *NEW* Expanded discussions of gender, Indigenous persons, persons in racialized groups, and vulnerable and at-risk persons and the police.
  • *NEW* New materials on the collaborative partnerships of police services.
  • Police File presents information on the latest research findings or materials on actual incidents.
  • Police Perspective is a feature embedded in the chapters wherein Canadian police officers offer their own observations and experiences on the topics being discussed.
  • Chapters end with Critical Thinking Exercises, Key Points Review, Key Term Questions, Class/Group Discussion Exercises, and Media Links—all designed to ensure students understand and have a chance to review the content learned in the chapter.
  • Focus On boxes throughout the chapters highlight or delve deeper into fundamental and current events, people, issues, and research in policing. Questions at the end of most boxes prompt further exploration in class or by students as homework.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Considering Police Work
  • Chapter 2: The Origins and Evolution of Police Work
  • Chapter 3: Contemporary Canadian Policing
  • Chapter 4: Police Ethics and Accountability
  • Chapter 5: Becoming a Police Officer: Recruitment and Training
  • Chapter 6: Being a Police Officer: The Police Occupation
  • Chapter 7: Patrol and General Duty Policing
  • Chapter 8: Police Powers and the Use of Force
  • Chapter 9: The Police and Communities
  • Chapter 10: Police Strategies
  • Chapter 11: Case Investigation

Author Information

Curt T. Griffiths

Curt Taylor Griffiths is a Professor and Coordinator of the Police Studies Program in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Among his primary research interests are the organizational and operational dynamics of policing, police effectiveness and efficiency, and the effectiveness of police strategies and operations. His work has been carried out at the national and international levels, where he has worked with all levels of government, community organizations, and communities of diversity. He is the author of two university-level texts—Canadian Criminal Justice: A Primer (6th ed., 2019) and Canadian Police Work (5th ed., 2019)—and co-author of the text Canadian Corrections (5th ed., 2018). He has published widely in academic journals on a variety of police-related topics. He is also the co-author of several recent reports prepared for Public Safety Canada, including Contemporary Policing Responsibilities (2017); The Use of Private Security Services for Policing (2016); and Improving Police Efficiency: Challenges and Opportunities (2015). Recently-completed projects with colleagues include an evaluation of the Justice Institute of BC Police Academy recruit training program (2019); a review of street checks policy and practice in Vancouver (2019) and Edmonton (2018); an evaluation of the investigator training program in the BC Office of the Independent Investigator (IIO) (2019); a resource review of the Kelowna (BC) RCMP detachment (2019); operational reviews of the Vancouver Police Department (2017) and the Winnipeg Police Department (2013); and studies of patrol deployment in the Delta (BC) and Saanich (BC) police departments. He also served as a consultant for the City of Surrey (BC) during the transition from RMCP contract policing to an independent municipal police service.