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Work, Industry, and Canadian Society, 8th Edition

By Krahn/Hughes/Lowe
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ISBN-10: 0176724435
ISBN-13: 9780176724436
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 8th

Work, Industry, and Canadian Society provides a sociological introduction to the history, nature, organization, and management of work in Canada. The eighth edition expands and adds new coverage on the biggest work challenges faced now and in the future, such as Canada’s aging and increasingly diverse workforce, the work experiences of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, the rise of the app-based “gig” economy, and how technology will continue to impact future jobs and work organization. The new edition continues to incorporate recent empirical findings, review new and ongoing theoretical and policy debates, and provide a more international perspective. As the world of work continues to change rapidly, all trends and statistics have been updated. These authors are well regarded for their teaching and research, and their years of experience are evident in this comprehensive volume on the past, present, and future of work in Canada.


  • *NEW* Expanded/added new coverage of some of the biggest work challenges we face now and in the future, including Canada's increasingly diverse and aging workforce demographics, work experiences of and opportunities for Canada's Indigenous peoples, and actions being taken to eliminate sexual harassment from workplaces in the wake of the #MeToo movement, for example.
  • *NEW* Virtually all tables and figures have been updated with the most current data available, with over 400 new references incorporated.
  • *NEW* Other important topics—such as expanded focus on workforce diversity initiatives to include members of the LGBTQ+ community, the push of globalization and counter pressures from populist politicians to dismantle the global economic system, and the rise of the app-based "gig" economy and how technology continues to change the workforce—have been included and discussed.
  • The opening vignettes in each chapter provide a personalized aspect to each topic.
  • Concluding each chapter, in addition to Discussion Questions, is a list of songs and other forms of audio as well as a list of movies related to the chapter content.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Historical Perspectives on Work
  • Chapter 2: Contemporary Debates and Issues
  • Chapter 3: Canadian Employment Trends
  • Chapter 4: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs
  • Chapter 5: Labour Markets: Opportunities and Inequality
  • Chapter 6: Gender and Paid Employment
  • Chapter 7: Household, Family, and Caring Work
  • Chapter 8: Organizing and Managing Work
  • Chapter 9: In Search of New Managerial Paradigms
  • Chapter 10: Conflict and Control in the Workplace
  • Chapter 11: Unions and Industrial Relations
  • Chapter 12: Alternative Approaches to Organizing Work
  • Chapter 13: Work Values and Work Orientations
  • Chapter 14: Job Satisfaction, Alienation, and Work-Related Stress

Author Information

Harvey J. Krahn

Harvey Krahn is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Alberta. He received his PhD from the University of Alberta and his earlier degrees from Western University. Prior to that, he spent one year as a waiter/bartender, and four years employed as a child-care worker. Along with the sociology of work, Dr. Krahn's research interests include the sociology of education, political sociology, immigration studies, environmental sociology, and life course studies. His most significant research accomplishment is a 32-year longitudinal study (1985–2017) that has tracked hundreds of Edmonton high-school graduates through their transitions from school to work, from youth to adulthood, and into midlife (Dr. Graham Lowe was the co-investigator on this study from 1985 to 1999). In 2009, Dr. Krahn received the Outstanding Contributions Award from the Canadian Sociological Association, and in 2015 he was awarded the University Cup, the University of Alberta's highest honour for academic staff.

Karen D. Hughes

Karen Hughes is a Professor of Sociology, and of Strategic Management and Organization, at the University of Alberta, where she teaches courses in the sociology of work and gender diversity in organizations. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has published widely on work-related issues, focusing on women's entrepreneurship and non-traditional work, paid and family caregiving, and work–family balance. Dr. Hughes is the author of Female Enterprise in the New Economy and co-editor of Global Women's Entrepreneurship. She is a past recipient of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council's Thérèse Casgrain Fellowship for leading research on women and social change, and an Editorial Board Member of the journals, Gender in Management and International Small Business Journal. Before becoming an academic, she held many "good" and "bad" jobs in Canada's economy, the best leading trail rides in the beautiful Rocky Mountains as a university student, and the worst. involving mercifully short stints in retail and accounting.

Graham S. Lowe

Graham Lowe is president of The Graham Lowe Group Inc., a workplace consulting and research firm. He also is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta, where he was a member of the Sociology department from 1979 to 2003, and holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. He has over three decades of organizational, labour market, and employment policy consulting experience across Canada and internationally. His books include Creating Healthy Organizations: Taking Action to Improve Employee Well-Being (Revised and Expanded Edition, 2020) and (with Frank Graves) Redesigning Work: A Blueprint for Canada's Future Well-Being and Prosperity. He has contributed many articles to publications such as The Globe & Mail, Policy Options, HR Professional, Health & Productivity Management, and Healthcare Quarterly. Dr. Lowe has given hundreds of conference talks and workshops across Canada and internationally. He is a recipient of the Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award.