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Community Based Strategic Policing in Canada, 5th Edition

By Brian Whitelaw, Rick Parent
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ISBN-10: 0176700021
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Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 5th

Police services across the country have undertaken major organizational reforms, significantly altering the structure and delivery of policing services. As a result, new strategies and programs have been designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of police services. The goal of the text’s authors is to provide a comprehensive overview of the key materials, issues, and challenges faced by Canadian police services and communities as they attempt to develop partnerships to respond effectively to and prevent crime and social disorder.This text provides a comprehensive discussion of crime prevention theories, strategies, and tactics. Numerous examples throughout the book illustrate effective and innovative strategies that foster community mobilization, engagement, and support of police services.


  • *NEW* Updated statistics
  • *NEW* Boxes have been re-labelled: In Your Community, A Closer Look, Critical Perspective
  • *NEW* Updated to reflect current issues in community policing, e.g.: Aboriginals and police, cybercrime, Indigenous Justice Program, street checks/carding, and social media
  • Situations and Strategies feature combines the most up-to-date materials on community policing with case studies and practical exercises that will provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned.
  • Coverage of a number of contemporary issues in community policing across all of Canada.

Table of Contents

  • Unit One: Policing in Canada
  • Chapter 1: Evolution of Canadian Policing
  • Chapter 2: Overview of Canadian Policing
  • Unit Two: Understanding Community Policing
  • Chapter 3: What Is Community Policing?
  • Unit Three: Crime Prevention and Crime Response Within a Community Policing Framework
  • Chapter 4: Responding to and Preventing Crime Within a Community Policing Framework
  • Chapter 5: Problem-Oriented Policing
  • Unit Four: The Key Players in Community Policing
  • Chapter 6: The Community Policing Police Service
  • Chapter 7: Implementing Community Policing
  • Chapter 8: The Community Police Officer
  • Chapter 9: Restorative Justice Within a Community Policing Framework
  • Chapter 10: The Community and Community Policing

Author Information

Brian Whitelaw

Brian Whitelaw is currently Superintendent in charge of Calgary Transit Community Peace Officers. Brian retired from the Calgary Police Service as Inspector in 2011. In 2012, he won the Province of Alberta Solicitor General Crime Prevention Award. Brian has a Master's Degree in Public Policy, Law and Administration and is the author of a number of national policing courses and peer reviewed journal articles. His primary research interest is organizational effectiveness in public safety organizations.

Rick Parent

Rick Parent is an Associate Professor at the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Rick is a former police officer having completed 30 years of service with the Delta Police Force (B.C.) and a former police recruit instructor at the Justice Institute of British Columbia–Police Academy. He has a Ph.D. in criminology and his research interests include international policing, police ethics and accountability, police use of deadly force and the phenomenon of "suicide by cop." Rick is frequently utilized in court proceedings as an expert witness in regards to police shootings, in Canada and the United States.