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Writing for Canadian Health Professionals, 2nd Edition

By Salem-Wiseman/Zaman
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Soft Cover
224 pages
ISBN-10: 0176572228
ISBN-13: 9780176572228
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 2nd

Now available in a second edition, Writing for Canadian Health Professionals was the first of its kind in terms of student accessibility, Canadian content, and coverage of writing instruction specific to the health care area. Using a wide variety of documents and supporting pedagogy, the text guides students through the whys and hows of professional writing for the health care industry. The authors have drawn on their experiences in teaching writing to health science students and have rooted the text in the belief that students in these programs learn communication skills best when their textbook incorporates health-related themes, examples and content.


  • *NEW* Content, exercises, and examples relevant to an even broader list of health care fields, including nursing, paramedics, physiotherapy, funeral services, and pharmacy
  • *NEW* An expanded section on commonly confused words
  • *NEW* A new chapter on incorporating and citing sources, including updated and expanded APA resources
  • *NEW* A new chapter on grammar that includes editing exercises
  • *NEW* A new chapter on teamwork and presentation skills
  • Relates the reasons why written communication is so vital in health care settings
  • Reviews key grammar points and provides strategies for avoiding and fixing common errors
  • Provides information on conducting research using databases, search engines, and libraries
  • Uses APA documentation style
  • Coverage of topics like summarizing and analyzing written texts, and writing and formatting academic essays and reports

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Writing as Essential in Health Care: Reasons and Consequences
  • Chapter 2: Writing for Success: Traits, Grammar, and Editing
  • Chapter 3: Writing in an Academic Setting
  • Chapter 4: Finding, Incorporating, and Citing Sources
  • Chapter 5: Writing in a Professional Setting
  • Chapter 6: Ethics and Documentation
  • Chapter 7: Teamwork and Presentation Skills
  • Chapter 8: Creative Connections: Health Discussions and Controversies