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ISBN-13: 9781774128459
Edition: 8th

Recruitment and Selection in Canada, Eighth Edition, is designed to meet the needs of both students and practitioners working in human resources or personnel psychology. It provides an up-to-date review of the current issues and methodologies that are used in recruiting and selecting employees to staff Canadian organizations. This text provides an introduction to all elements of recruitment and selection in an easy-to-read style. Every chapter includes examples, discussion questions, cases, and other materials that illustrate how the practices discussed in the text are carried out in both private- and public-sector organizations in Canada. Many of these illustrations are drawn from current events reported in the media and are presented in Recruitment and Selection Today feature boxes.


  • Stronger focus on how technology is being employed in the field of HR with discussions to include AI, big data, assessment, etc.

  • Updated research throughout

  • Sections pertaining to human rights legislation and employment law, especially around drug and alcohol testing/monitoring, reviewed by employment lawyer, industrial psychologist, and Chapter 3 author, Erika Ringseis.

  • Ensured a careful balance between theory and practical to address needs of all markets: college, university, and practitioner 

  • More concise coverage and large sections of text broken up through use of additional headings and/or subheadings and added more key margin terms 

  • Heavy academic citing revised throughout making the content much smoother to read for students

  • Approximately 20 new photos, 4 new illustrative figures


Table of Contents


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Chapter1: An Introduction to Recruitment and Selection

Chapter 2: Foundations of Recruitment and Selection I: Reliability and Validity

Chapter 3: Foundations of Recruitment and Selection II: Legal Issues

Chapter 4: Job Analysis and Competency Models

Chapter 5: Job Performance

Chapter 6: Recruitment: The First Step in the Selection Process

Chapter 7: Selection I: Applicant Screening

Chapter 8: Selection II: Testing and Other Assessments

Chapter 9: Selection III: Interviewing

Chapter 10: Making Selection Decisions