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Empire To Umpire, 2nd Edition

By J. L. (Jack) Granatstein, Norman Hillmer
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Soft Cover
416 pages
ISBN-10: 0176104208
ISBN-13: 9780176104207
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 2nd

Empire to Umpire provides a survey of Canada's foreign policies and varying roles in international affairs, from dutiful member of the British Empire to second-tier power and peacekeeper. Beginning before the turn of the century when Canada took its first faltering steps into nationhood, Norman Hillmer and J.L. Granatstein, two of Canada's leading historians, offer fresh insights into the events, the ideas, and the personalities that have influenced Canada's participation in world affairs. Two competing forces dominate our international persona: the reliance on imperial strength, first British then American, for our security and economic prosperity; and the strong impulse to do what is right in, and for, the world. What happens when the "choirboy at the Concert of Nations" is called upon to sing duets with a dowager aunt or a rich southern uncle? That is the story Hillmer and Granatstein succeed in telling in this richly illustrated history of Canadian foreign policy.


  • *NEW* New! Chapter 12, covers significant developments in Canadian foreign policy since 9/11, the war and Canada's participation in Afghanistan, and the election of Stephen Harper's conservative government.
  • *NEW* Photo and figure captions are longer and more detailed to help students appreciate the images and to make better connections between the images and the chapter text
  • *NEW* One-fifth of the cartoons and photographs are new.
  • *NEW* Chapter content is revised and updated throughout.
  • *NEW* The Further Reading list has been significantly expanded
  • Uses a narrative approach to engage readers
  • Is noted for its breadth and detail, strong characterization, and balanced perspective
  • The authors, Granatstein and Hillmer, are leading Canadian historians

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Old Mother Empire, 1896-1914
  • Chapter 2: A Nation That Is Not a Nation, 1914-1921
  • Chapter 3: Doing Good by Stealth, 1921-1930
  • Chapter 4: Alberta, Not Abyssinia, 1930-1939
  • Chapter 5: If Britain and France Go Down, 1939-1945
  • Chapter 6: The World Is Now So Small, 1945-1949
  • Chapter 7: The Golden Age, 1950-1956
  • Chapter 8: A Great National Destiny, 1957-1963
  • Chapter 9: Quiet Diplomacy, and Otherwise, 1963-1968
  • Chapter 10: The Trudeau Pirouette, 1968-1984
  • Chapter 11: From Globalism to Continentalism?, 1984-1993
  • Chapter 12: Into the Twenty-First Century, 1993-2006
  • Conclusion
  • Further Reading
  • Index.
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Author Information

Norman Hillmer

Norman Hillmer is Professor of History and International Affairs. Educated at the Universities of Toronto and Cambridge, he was Senior Historian at the Department of National Defence for a decade before moving to Carleton in 1990. His 26 books and numerous articles explore themes in politics, diplomacy, military affairs and security and immigration. His work has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, and Swedish. He has won several teaching awards and publishing prizes, including the Canada-Japan Prime Minister's Award.

J. L. (Jack) Granatstein

J. L. (Jack) Granatstein is a Fellow of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, former Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa (1998-2000), and Chair of the Council for Canadian Security in the 21st Century (2000-2005). He has written more than 60 books. The Royal Society of Canada awarded him the J. B. Tyrrell Historical Medal (1992) for outstanding work in the history of Canada. He has received honorary degrees from the Universities of Calgary and Western Ontario, and from Memorial, McMaster, Niagara, and Ryerson Universities. In 1997, he received the Order of Canada and has won the Pierre Berton Award and the Lela Common Prize.