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Sociology of Law: Critical Approaches to Social Control, 2nd Edition

By Burtch
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Soft Cover
ISBN-10: 0176223924
ISBN-13: 9780176223922
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 2nd

This new edition of The Sociology of Law introduces students to both the theoretical and the practical applications of law in Canadian society and explores central themes of social order, social conflict, and power relations as they pertain to law. The book is intended for use in introductory undergraduate university courses in the sociology of law, which are core courses typically taught in the second and third year within the department of sociology or the department of criminology.


  • This new edition concentrates on emerging perspectives in law and society research, including new social movements, social justice initiatives, restorative justice, globalization, and postmodern approaches.
  • Representative events are discussed, including the wrongful conviction of Donald Marshall Jr., and each chapter ends with study questions and references.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction to Sociological Theory and the Sociology of Law
  • 2. The Classical Theorists
  • 3. Historical Foundations of Law
  • 4. Feminist Theory and Law
  • 5. First Nations and Law in Canada
  • 6. Racial Discrimination, Multiculturalism, and Law
  • 7. The Judiciary and the Legal Profession
  • 8. The Criminal Sanction
  • 9. Reproduction and Law: Family Law, Abortion, and Midwifery
  • 10. New Directions in the Sociology of Law

Author Information

Brian Burtch

Brian Burtch is a professor in the school of Criminology and is an associate member in Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University. His key interests are critical criminology, gender and law, The Sociology of Law: Critical Approaches to Social Control (Thomson Nelson, 2003) and Trials of Labour: The Re-Emergence of Midwifery (Mcgill-midwifery and the state, and the sociology of law. Publications include, the second edition of Queen's University Press, 1994). He has also co-authored (with Carol Hird) a chapter: "Midwives and Safe Motherhood: International Perspectives" pp.115-145, in Farah M. Shroff; (ed.) The New Midwifery: Reflections on Renaissance and Regulation (Toronto: The Women's Press), and an essay on midwifery, B. Burtch and C. Hird (1997) "A Struggle for Recognition", World Health (March-April): 4-5, published by the World Health Organization.