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Foundations of Marketing: Eighth Canadian Edition, 8th Edition

By Beckman/Rigby
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Hardbound Book
ISBN-10: 0176224653
ISBN-13: 9780176224653
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 8th

Foundations of Marketing offers a thorough and contemporary overview of the fundamental theories and concepts of maketing. It is a "classic" textbook that clearly establishes marketing's roots in the past while critically embracing and evaluating newer trends and research within the discipline. The vision for the eigth edition is for a more student-friendly textbook that contains a vibrant design with great visual impact, more examples and practical applications, and updated content.


  • *NEW* Award-winning cases have been reintegrated into the text: 25 cases range from 3 to 16 pages in length and have been a proven asset to teaching the Introductory Marketing course
  • *NEW* Subtantial changes to reflect changing evaluations of e-commerce: How are e-commerce principles applied to marketing principles?
  • *NEW* Traditional! Beckmman has kept the text's strong coverage of retailing, pricing, services and strategy as one of the core values that has made Foundations of Marketing a best seller

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: The Nature of Marketing
  • Chapter 2: The Environment for Marketing Decisions
  • Chapter 3: Market Segmentation: Finding a Base to Start
  • Chapter 4: The Market Segmentation Process
  • Chapter 5: Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Plan
  • Chapter 6: Ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction and Managing Customer Relationships
  • Chapter 7: Obtaining Data for Marketing Decisions
  • Appendix: Locating Secondary Data
  • Chapter 8: Consumer Behaviour
  • Chapter 9: Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Chapter 10: Marketing the Total Product: Brand, Image, Warranty, and Packaging
  • Chapter 11:Product Strategy
  • Chapter 12:Services
  • Chapter 13: Understanding Pricing
  • Chapter 14: Managing the Pricing Function
  • Chapter 15:Channel and Distribution Strategy
  • Chapter 16: The Many Faces of Retailing: In-Store, Direct, and Internet
  • Chapter 17: Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Chapter 18: Marketing Communications Strategy
  • Chapter 19: Integrated Marketing Communications Applications
  • Chapter 20: Global Marketing
  • Chapter 21: Not-For-Profit Marketing

Author Information

Dale Shipley

Dale Shipley, Ed.D., was Director of the School of Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University, Toronto, from 2001 to 2006. Dale has had a varied career in the education sector, beg...