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CDN ED International Business: A Canadian Perspective, 1st Edition

By Terrance Power
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Hardbound Book
544 pages
ISBN-10: 0176251529
ISBN-13: 9780176251529
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

In this intriguing "fireside chat", author Terrance Power explores how Canadian businesses can more aggressively establish themselves in foreign markets, focus their marketing strategies, and find a place in the global economy. His carefully crafted theoretical and conceptual foundation is supported by practical, real-world, applied knowledge - ideal for potential Canadian entrepreneurs and managers who must be prepared for the challenges of 'going global'.


  • Offers a ground-up, truly Canadian perspective.
  • Raises awareness of Canadian Business realities with Canada-specific references to current statistics, export numbers, and the various supports available to small business exporting entrepreneurs such as EDC, CIDA, Team Canada.
  • Increased emphasis on the importance of observing triple bottom-line values
  • A Canadian current global issues chapter. The last chapter of the text will include approximately 10 short, current global issues vignettes impacting on how Canadian business practitioners conduct their business. The issues, contained in 4-5 pages, will provide a stimulating overview that can be used by educators to promote in-class discussions and critical thinking about emerging international issues.
  • Generous use of charts and figures to enhance the visual appeal of the text.
  • Outcome-based organization.
  • Contextualized learning presentation.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: The Current Era of Globalization
  • 1. Globalization - The Quickening
  • Part 2: External - The International Business Ecosystem
  • 2. International Business Environment: Culture and Society
  • 3. The Business Environment of Nations: Political, Economic, and Legal Issues
  • 4. International Business Environment - Technology
  • Part 3: External - The Clustering of Nations and Global Institutions
  • 5. Regionalization and Global Institutions
  • 6. Economic Theories Advocating International Business
  • 7. Foreign Direct Investment
  • Part 4: External - Money, Money, Money
  • 8. Global Foreign Exchange Markets
  • 9. Global International Monetary Systems and Capital Markets
  • Part 5: Internal - Crafting International Strategy
  • 10. Global Strategic Management and Modes of Entry
  • 11. Global Organizational Structures and Control Systems
  • 12. Export, Import, and Countertrade Practices
  • Part 6: Internal - Value Chain Activities
  • 13. Global Marketing and Research and Development
  • 14. Global Manufacturing and the Supply Chain
  • 15. Global Human Resources and Labour Management
  • 16. Global Accounting in International Business
  • 17. Global Ethics and Corporate Social Repsonsibilty
  • Part 7: Emerging Current Business Issues
  • Glossary
  • Index

Author Information

Terrance Power

Dr. Terrance Power is a Wharton Fellow and a professor of Strategic and International Studies at the School of Business, Royal Roads University, and a Canadian university located in Victoria, British Columbia. Royal Roads University is a leading international, distributed learning, blended-model educational institution. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to mid-career professionals. A successful, innovative instructor at the graduate and undergraduate levels, Dr. Power is core faculty with the School of Business. He is responsible for strategic planning, law and international business courses at the university. Dr. Power has been a member of the Faculty of Oxford-Brooks University, London and was recently with the business school at the University of Victoria. Dr. Power received the 2003 J.W. McConnell Family Foundation Strategy Lecture series award administered by the Schulich School of Business, York University. He is a regular columnist for the Western business magazine, Business Edge. Professor Power continues to provide consultation services concentrating on Public Private Partnerships and Business and Strategic Planning. Recent clients include the City of Victoria, Ministry of Heath, York University, Ministry of Highways for the Province of British Columbia, the Women's Enterprise Society of BC and the Western Office for the Partnership for Advanced Skills. He is also the author of our ground-up Canadian international business book, International Business: A Canadian Perspective, First Edition.