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Deviance and Social Control, 4th Edition

By Linda Deutschmann
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480 pages
ISBN-10: 0176406115
ISBN-13: 9780176406110
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

Created for the Introduction to Deviance course, Deviance and Social Control, 4e uses theory and examples to illustrate societal perceptions of deviance throughout the ages, without assuming prior knowledge of introductory sociology or research methods. All theories are carefully considered and explored, illustrating how classical theories influence contemporary ones, in a manner that is meaningful to students.


  • A new boxed feature - applying theory to lived experiences or everyday life
  • More emphasis on deviance in Canada
  • Citation of new statistics, new Canadian research in the field
  • More explicit sociological emphasis throughout
  • Merging of some chapters (3&4)
  • Expanded coverage of non-criminal deviance
  • New chapter on social control

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1:Issues in the Study of Deviance
  • Chapter 2:Understanding and Testing Theories of Deviance
  • Chapter 3:Prescientific Approaches to Deviance
  • Chapter 4:Classical Theories of Deviance and Their Influence on Modern Jurisprudence
  • Chapter 5:Biological and Physiological Explanations of Deviance: The Body Did It
  • Chapter 6:Theories of the Body and Mind: Psychoanalytic and Psychological Explanations of Deviance
  • Chapter 7:The Social Disorganization Perspective
  • Chapter 8:Functionalist and Strain Perspectives
  • Chapter 9:Subcultural and Social Learning Theories of Deviance
  • Chapter 10:Interaction Theories
  • Chapter 11:Social Control Theories
  • Chapter 12:Conflict, Critical and Postmodernist Theories
  • Chapter 13:The Trickster Theme: Feminists and Other Creative or Chaotic Subversives
  • Copyright Acknowledgements
  • Index

Author Information

Frances E. Chapman

Frances Chapman is an Assistant Professor (Legal Studies & Criminology) at St. Jerome's University, an affiliate of the University of Waterloo. She has completed a B.A. from the...