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Action and Analysis: Readings in Sociology of Gender, 1st Edition

By Vappu Tyyska
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Soft Cover
480 pages
ISBN-10: 0176406298
ISBN-13: 9780176406295
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

Action and Analysis: Readings in Sociology of Gender challenges readers to explore gender from varied perspectives within a sociological context. For example, the text asks: How is equality defined? Have women achieved equality? Are gender differences rooted in biology?Action and Analysis: Readings in Sociology of Gender is structured to follow the development and history of Canadian women's movements. By examining the major theories and issues associated with each period, readers will appreciate how improvements to the status of women have not been the result of a natural and inevitable progression of humanity but rather the result of long-term struggles that continue today.


  • New first edition
  • Course - Sociology of Gender
  • Book of readings
  • Challenges - making students understand that equality they experience isn't 'natural'
  • Organization - traces Canadian women's movement and theories chronologically.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1
  • Foundations of Feminist Sociology
  • Article 1
  • Studying Gender: An Overview
  • Section 2
  • Gender Relations in History
  • Article 2
  • Women''s Work and Social Rights in the Pre-Capitalist Era
  • Article 3 -
  • Egalitarian Foraging Societies
  • Article 4
  • A Third Gender
  • Article 5
  • A Gendered World: Women, Men, and the Political Economy of the Seventeenth-Century Huron
  • Section 3
  • Women''s Movements
  • Article 6
  • Women, Family and Economy
  • Article 7
  • Our History/Histories
  • Article 8
  • The Discourse of Empire and the Social Construction of Gender
  • Section 4
  • Feminist Theories and Issues
  • Section 4a
  • From Liberal Feminism: Gender Socialization
  • Article 9
  • Gender Equity in the Curriculum
  • Article 10
  • Women under the Dome of Silence: Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Female Athletes
  • Article 11
  • Boyhood, Organized Sports, and the Construction of Masculinities
  • Section 4b
  • From Marxist and Socialist Feminism: Gender Division of Work
  • Article 12
  • Women''s Employment
  • Article 13
  • Sisterhood versus Discrimination: Being a Black African Francophone Immigrant Woman in Montreal and Toronto
  • Section 4c
  • From Psychoanalytic Feminism: Gender Identity and Parenting
  • Article 14
  • Family Structure and Feminine Personality
  • Article 15
  • Reproducing Difference: Changes in the Lives of Partners Becoming Parents
  • Article 16
  • Men, Husbands, and Fathers: Beyond Patriarchal Relations
  • Section 4d
  • From Radical Feminism: Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Article 17
  • A Multidimensional Approach to Homosexual Identity
  • Article 18
  • Incidence of Violence against Intimate Female Partners
  • Article 19
  • Unkept Promises: Experiences of Immigrant Women with the Neo-Criminalization of Wife Abuse
  • Section 5
  • The Third Wave of Feminism: Diversity and Inequity
  • Article 20
  • Third Wave Feminism: Antiracists, Transnationalists, and Young Feminist Speak Out
  • Article 21
  • Enter the Filipina Nanny: An Examination of Canada''s Live-In Caregiver Policy
  • Article 22
  • Adolescent Females between Tradition and Modernity: Gender Role Socialization in South Asian Immigrant Culture
  • Article 23
  • Boys Doing Good: Young Men and Gender Equity

Author Information

Rand Dyck

Rand Dyck was born and raised in Calgary. After graduating from the University of Alberta with his B.A. in Political Science, he found the political culture of Ontario more to his liking, ...