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The Canadian Reporter: News Writing and Reporting, 3rd Edition

By Catherine McKercher, Allan Thompson, Carman Cumming
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432 pages
ISBN-10: 0176407014
ISBN-13: 9780176407018
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 3rd

The Canadian Reporter was the first comprehensive reporting and newswriting text written for Canadian students. The new edition continues on the strong foundation built by previous editions. It is grounded in the fundamental principles of journalism and the techniques for practicing journalism within the unique Canadian social, legal and political context. The newest edition has been thoroughly updated and refocused for the digital age. The authors encourage journalism that is independent, active, creative, knowledgeable and disciplined.


  • *NEW* A very thorough update including information on digital media
  • *NEW* Encompasses Canadian social, legal and political perspectives
  • *NEW* Draws on the expertise of dozens of journalists from across Canada
  • *NEW* Chapter 1: "Day in the Life" – provides students with an overview of the industry and is a foundation for the rest of the text
  • *NEW* Chapter 4: "The Reporter's Toolkit" deals with ideas and skills all journalists require
  • *NEW* Chapter 6: "Observation" with information not only why it is important but also how to be a good observer
  • *NEW* Chapter 11: "Writing Online" – this chapter is authored by Mary McGuire
  • *NEW* Chapter 17: "Covering Science, Health and the Environment" by Peter Clamai
  • Draws on the expertise from dozens of journalists across Canada
  • This text is not medium-specific but rather discusses the profession overall
  • Standards and guidelines follow those set out by the Canadian Press
  • Standards and guidelines follow those set out by the Canadian Press
  • Combines intensive discussion of technique with an in-depth analysis of how journalism is practiced

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 1: A Day in the Life of Three Newsrooms
  • Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Reporting
  • Part Two: Collecting the News
  • Chapter 3: Story Ideas
  • Chapter 4: The Reporter?s Toolkit
  • Chapter 5: Search and Research Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Observation
  • Chapter 7: Interviewing
  • Part Three: Writing the News
  • Chapter 8: Storytelling Technique
  • Chapter 9: Story Structures
  • Chapter 10: Story Forms
  • Chapter 11 ? Journalism Online: Words are not Enough on the Web
  • Part Four: How Journalists Work
  • Chapter 12: Covering General Assignments
  • Chapter 13: Covering Crime and Public Safety
  • Chapter 14: Covering Criminal Courts
  • Chapter 15: Covering Governance
  • Chapter 16: Covering Sports
  • Chapter 17: Covering Science, Medicine and the Environment
  • Chapter 18: Covering Business and the Economy
  • Chapter 19: Freelance Writing
  • Chapter 20: Journalism Ethics
  • Chapter 21: The New Journalist
  • Appendix A: Language
  • Appendix B: Libel
  • Appendix C: Modelling
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Author Information

Sarah Norton


Nell Waldman