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Canadian Hospitality Law, 3rd Edition

By Bradley Wright, Don Longchamps
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Soft Cover
432 pages
ISBN-10: 0176407219
ISBN-13: 9780176407216
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 3rd

Canadian Hospitality Law is a comprehensive survey of the law as it relates to the hospitalityand tourism industries. The book is the only one of its kind and is considered to be the standardCanadian resource for the associated course. The book is recognized for emphasizing thenecessity of sound management principles and preventative tactics for the successful day-today operation of a hospitality or tourism business.


  • NEW sample contracts
  • The law applicable to hospitality businesses
  • The nature of the relationships between innkeeper and guest, restaurateur and diner, travel agent and traveller, and private host and guest
  • How to institute and maintain legal and management policies and practices that enhance a hospitality business
  • How to prevent regulatory and other legal missteps concerning matters such as business licence requirements and employer�employee relations
  • How to reduce the chances of negligence or of human rights liability to staff and the public
  • How to read and use contracts, including conversing more knowledgeably with lawyers
  • How to buy and operate a hospitality business

Table of Contents

  • Part 1 The Legal Framework
  • Chapter 1 The Canadian Legal System
  • Chapter 2 Human Rights in Canada
  • Chapter 3 The Law of Contracts
  • Chapter 4 The Law of Negligence
  • Part 2 Liability and Risk in the Hospitality Industry
  • Chapter 5 The Accommodation Sector
  • Chapter 6 The Restaurant Sector: Food
  • Chapter 7 The Beverage Service Sector: Alcohol
  • Part 3 Innkeepers and Guests
  • Chapter 8 The Innkeeper-Guest Relationship
  • Chapter 9 Innkeepers
  • Chapter 10 Guests
  • Chapter 11 Protection of Guests and their Property
  • Part 4 Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • Chapter 12 Regulatory Requirements
  • Chapter 13 Ownership and Management
  • Chapter 14 Employees and Employment Standards
  • Part 5 The Agency Relationship
  • Chapter 15 The Travel Industry
  • Appendix 1: Table of Statutes
  • Appendix 2: Table of Cases
  • Appendix 3: Hotel Forms and Sample Contracts
  • Appendix 4: Comprehensive Cases
  • Glossary

Author Information

Don Longchamps

Don Longchamps is a senior instructor in Algonquin College¿s School of Hotel & Restaurant Management. Longchamps began his professional career as an accountant with CP Hotels where he developed his passion and expertise in hotel management. Longchamps is a popular speaker at professional conferences and a committee member of Ottawa¿s popular Tulip Festival.