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Stories About Us: First Edition, 1st Edition

By Jianghai (Jennifer) Mei, Geri Dasgupta
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Soft Cover
528 pages
ISBN-10: 0176414568
ISBN-13: 9780176414566
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

Diverse, inclusive, and multicultural, Stories about Us presents 43 engaging short stories from around the world. Offering a medley of readings in translation, this anthology includes stories written by authors from a variety of language backgrounds. Engaging and accessible, the editors' chose short fiction selections that would affect all readers irrespective of the writer's cultural or linguistic background.Prefaces place each selection in its cultural, historical, and literary context together with a brief biography of its author. Integrating reading and writing pedagogy, certain stories illustrate literary elements such as plot, character, setting, point of view, literary devices, theme and interpretation. Comprehension, analysis, and discussion questions follow.


  • Versatility: Three alternative tables of contents present the stories alphabetically, thematically, and geographically.
  • Accessibility: Stories are appropriate for an audience comprised of native speakers and ESL students.
  • Organization: Readings are arranged according to the literary feature they best illustrate.
  • Reading and Writing Guide: Each unit provides a guide to reading, discussing, and writing about literature followed by three stories that serve as teaching models.
  • Context: Prefaces provide an author biography, cultural and historical background for each selection.
  • Flexibility: Part two presents 23 stories without comments.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Elements of the Short Story.
  • Introduction to the Short Story.
  • Unit 1. Plot: Action and Development.
  • Xun Zi (China), Zhuang Shu-Liang and the Moonlight
  • Jacob and Wilhem Grimm (Germany), The Old Man and His Grandson
  • Catherine Lim (Singapore), The Jade Pendant
  • Tayeb Salih (Sudan), A Handful of Dates
  • Liliana Heker (Argentina), The Stolen Party
  • Unit Review
  • Unit 2. Character and Characterization.
  • Paul Yee (Canada), Prairie Widow
  • Roger Mais (Jamaica), Look Out
  • Anita Desai (India), The Farewell Party
  • Unit Review
  • Unit 3. Narration: Narrator and Narrative Point of View.
  • Guy Vanderhaege (Canada), Cages
  • Jean Arasanayagam (Sri Lanka), All is Burning
  • Somerset Maugham (England), Salvatore
  • Unit Review
  • Unit 4: Setting: Backgrounds and Contexts.
  • Roch Carrier (Canada), The Hockey Sweater
  • Shankar Lamichhane (Nepal), The Half-Closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Setting Sun
  • Luigi Pirandello (Italy), War
  • Unit Review
  • Unit 5: Literary Devices and Techniques.
  • O. Henry (U.S.A.), The Gift of the Magi
  • Neil Bissoondath (Canada), The Cage
  • Khalida Ashgar (Pakistan), The Wagon
  • Unit Review
  • Unit 6: Theme and Interpretation.
  • Chinua Achebe, Marriage is a Private Affair
  • Thomas King (First Nations, Canada), Traplines
  • Rohinton Mistry (Canada), Swimming Lessons
  • Unit Review
  • Part Two: More Stories.
  • Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana), Something to Talk About on the Way to the Funeral
  • Anton Checkhov (Russia), Misery
  • Wayson Choy (Canada), The Jade Peony
  • Assia Djebar (Algeria), There is No Exile
  • Katherine Govier (Canada), The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery
  • Bruce Hunter (Canada), Arthur
  • Sunwon Hwang (Korea), Cranes
  • Sarah Orne Jewett (U.S.A.), A White Heron
  • Basil Johnston (First Nations, Canada), Cowboys and Indians
  • Yasunari Kawabata (Japan), Immortality
  • Bruno Lessing (U.S.A.), The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen
  • Xin-Wu Liu (China), Black Walls
  • Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt), Zaabalawi
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia), Tuesday Siesta
  • Shani Mootoo (Canada), A Garden of Her Own
  • Alice Munro (Canada), How I Met My Husband
  • R.K. Narayan (India), A Horse and Two Goats
  • Raphael Frederic (England), Acute Triangle
  • Olive Senior (Jamaica), The Chocho Vine
  • Tie-sheng Shi (China), Fate
  • Rabindranath Tagore (India), The Cabuliwallah
  • William Trevor (Ireland), Kathleen''s Field
  • Marianne Villanueva (The Philippines), Siko
  • Appendix: Glossary of Literary Terms

Author Information

Jack Weiner

Jack Weiner is Mathematics and Statistics Professor emeritus (retired 2011) at the University of Guelph. He is the recipient many teaching awards, including the Ontario Council of Univer...