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Introduction to Early Childhood Education: A Canadian Perspective, 1st Edition

By Ingrid Crowther
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Soft Cover
368 pages
ISBN-10: 0176415645
ISBN-13: 9780176415648
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

Introduction to Early Childhood Education: A Canadian Perspective introduces students new to ECE to the field. The learner is introduced to children, their families, childcare settings and Canadian philosophical approaches through the use of photographs and real-world scenarios. Great care has been taken to accurately represent the diversity of Canadian culture. The photographs are inclusive of most cultures in Canada both visible and non-visible and from urban, rural, and isolated locations throughout the country. Readers of this text will work towards developing the relevant skills needed to work with children. In order to make skill development easier to understand and apply, these skills have been presented in the context of children, their families, children's environments and legislative requirements.


  • Pedagogical Features Support Skills Being Developed - Scenarios, photographs, end-of-chapter exercises, interactive web-based exercises support the reader's developing skills.
  • Philosophical approaches are covered from a Canadian perspective: Canadian child-care facilities that utilize Montessori, High Scope, Reggio Emilia, and Head Start program approaches are described through the use of floor plans, photographs of the environment, and photographs of children engaged in activities.
  • Easy to Follow Format: Theoretical content is presented in an easy to understand format where terms are defined clearly, and real scenarios and photographs of children support and enrich the content. Relevant material is presented in a format that readers can quickly and easily locate through tables, charts, lists, and bulleted points. Critical introductory concepts are stressed and built-upon throughout.
  • Web links and Activities: Exercises on the website support in-class learning, encourages self-evaluations of progress, identify knowledge or skills that need to be reviewed; and support independence in the learning process. Downloadable resources available from the Nelson ECE Resource Centre, support students and instructors alike. These resources can be printed-off and/or modified for learning and instructional purposes.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Magic of Childhood
  • 2. The World of the Child
  • 3. Role of the Facilitator
  • 4. Critical Skills for Facilitators
  • 5. Building Partnerships
  • 6. Quality in Early Childhood Education
  • 7. The Learning Environment
  • 8. Program Variety Across Canada
  • 9. Issues in Early Childhood
  • 10. Regulations for Child-Care in Canada
  • 11. Putting the Pieces Together

Author Information

Ingrid Crowther

Ingrid Crowther has earned her Doctor of Education in Early Childhood and the Middle Years. Her background includes teaching in early childhood, elementary school, university, and college programs. She has published articles in a variety of journals and has completed three additional textbooks: the first Canadian edition of Infants and Toddlers, Creating Effective Learning Environments (also adapted for the US market and currently being translated into German), and Healthy and Safe Children (in press). Dr. Crowther has worked on several human services projects funded by HRDC: the Effective Practices project, the Pan Canadian Pathways project, and currently the Gateways project.