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Child Development: A Primer, 1st Edition

By Ingrid Crowther
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Spiral Bound
276 pages
ISBN-10: 0176415653
ISBN-13: 9780176415655
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

Designed as a quick reference tool, Child Development A Primer provides an overview of the growth and development of children from birth through age twelve. Crafted by well known educator Ingrid Crowther, this text is organized by category and uses brief paragraphs and bulleted lists to make information easy to find. Whether you use this book as a child care provider, teacher, or parent, you will find it comprehensive and accessible.


  • *NEW* Chapter 8 �Reflections on the Ideological Spectrum� has been removed as per reviewer�s feedback
  • *NEW* Two new readings in Chapter 11 replacing the readings from the previous edition
  • *NEW* An additional reading has been added to Chapter 16
  • *NEW* Chapter 7 has been renamed Feminism and Environmentalism
  • *NEW* New box on Iraq in Chapter 8
  • Thematic commentaries which include a definition of the concept of chapter, its philosophical and historical context, and the application of the concept
  • The text evaluates concepts and themes in light of the differing experiences of advanced industrial and less developed societies, of democratic and various other regimes, and of modern and traditional cultures
  • Section Four � �Politics as Change� � covers new concepts that have emerged in the discipline and provides instructors with an opportunity to introduce timely conceptual debates

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Prologue Prenatal Development
  • SECTION 1 Infancy to Birth to Eighteen Months
  • Chapter 1 The Newborn Birth to One Month
  • Chapter 2 One to Four Months
  • Chapter 3 Four to Eight Months
  • Chapter 4 Eight to Twelve Months
  • Chapter 5 Twelve to Eighteen Months
  • SECTION 2 The Toddler Years - Eighteen Months to Three Years
  • Chapter 6 Eighteen to Twenty Four Months
  • Chapter 7 Two to Three Years
  • SECTION 3 The Preschool Years Three to Five
  • Chapter 8 Three to Four Years
  • Chapter 9 Four Years
  • Chapter 10 Five Years
  • SECTION 4 The Early School Years Six to Eight
  • Chapter 11 Six Years
  • Chapter 12 Seven to Eight Years
  • SECTION 5 The Preteen Years Nine to Twelve
  • Chapter 13 Nine to Twelve Years
  • Appendix A Developmental Milestones
  • Appendix B Theoretical Overview of Psychosocial and Cognitive Development Erikson and Piaget
  • Glossary
  • Index

Author Information

Ingrid Crowther

Ingrid Crowther has earned her Doctor of Education in Early Childhood and the Middle Years. Her background includes teaching in early childhood, elementary school, university, and college programs. She has published articles in a variety of journals and has completed three additional textbooks: the first Canadian edition of Infants and Toddlers, Creating Effective Learning Environments (also adapted for the US market and currently being translated into German), and Healthy and Safe Children (in press). Dr. Crowther has worked on several human services projects funded by HRDC: the Effective Practices project, the Pan Canadian Pathways project, and currently the Gateways project.