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The Shadow Line: Deviance and Crime in Canada, 4th Edition

By Ian Gomme
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Soft Cover
448 pages
ISBN-10: 0176416471
ISBN-13: 9780176416478
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

Engagingly written and incorporating up-to-date statistics and numerous Canadian examples, The Shadow Line, fourth edition offers a unique and challenging view of deviant and criminal behaviour in Canada. This text makes complicated questions and issues accessible by adopting a straightforward and animated style and by using concrete examples to facilitate comprehension and understanding. To promote learning and retention, chapters are structured similarly and include special-interest topics and illustrations in clearly defined boxes. Each chapter begins with a detailed set of learning objectives and ends with a comprehensive summary and a list of review questions. To encourage students to think independently and to read on their own, each chapter includes discussion questions and a list of recommended readings.


  • *NEW* Chapter 8 (New Directions in Theorizing about Deviance and Crime) from 3rd edition has been incorporated into appropriate theory chapters.
  • *NEW* More material on theory, especially current versions and applications i.e. General Strain Theory.
  • *NEW* Incorporates current statistics.
  • *NEW* New material on serial homicide i.e. Robert Pickton.
  • *NEW* New information on firearm legislation, DNA testing, sexual assault underreporting and Canada's mental health system.
  • *NEW* New section on Canada's new marijuana law.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part One Defining Deviance and Crime
  • Chapter 1 Defining Deviance and Crime
  • Part Two Theories of Deviance and Crime
  • Chapter 2 An Overview of Sociological Theory
  • Chapter 3 The Chicago School
  • Chapter 4 Functionalism
  • Chapter 5 Social Control Theory
  • Chapter 6 Symbolic Interactionism and the Labelling Theory of Deviance
  • Chapter 7 Conflict Theories I - Contemporary Marxism, Left Realism, Peacemaking, and Post-Modernism
  • Chapter 8 Conflict Theories II - Liberal Conflict and Feminism
  • Part Three Measuring Deviance and Crime
  • Chapter 9 Measuring Deviance and Crime
  • Part Four The Practice of Deviance and Crime
  • Chapter 10 Homicide
  • Chapter 11 Sexual Assault
  • Chapter 12 Prostitution
  • Chapter 13 Drug Abuse
  • Chapter 14 Organized Crime
  • Chapter 15 Business Crime
  • Chapter 16 Mental Illness
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index

Author Information

Mark Charlton

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