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Canadian Families: Diversity, Conflict, and Change, 4th Edition

By Nancy Mandell, Ann Duffy
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408 pages
ISBN-10: 0176442677
ISBN-13: 9780176442675
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

Canadian Families: Diversity, Conflict and Change, Fourth Edition is a contributed text that offers a thematic or critical exploration of families and examines the themes, contradictions and conflicts surrounding the many incarnations of the family unit. It begins with historical contexts and examines contemporary issues as they relate to gender, race, class, age, economics, sexual orientation, and violence. The family and all of its definitions are explored from a progressive and feminist approach.


  • *NEW* Completely updated with new statistics, census data and examples throughout
  • *NEW* New readings include: Vappu Tyyska - Immigrant and Racialized Families, Aysan Sev'er - Marriage-Go-Around: Divorce and Remarriage in Canada, Mavis Morton - Violence in Canadian Families Across the Life Course, Julia Hemphill - Aging and Families, and Janice Ristock and Catherine Taylor - LGBTQ Families in Canada: Private Lives and Public Discourse.
  • Covers current and controversial topics such as work and the family, same-sex families and youth culture
  • Provides real life stories and perspectives from different members of the family and society
  • Boxed features throughout each chapter that offer additional information or statistics

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Canadian Families in Social Context
  • Chapter 1: Nancy Mandell and Ann Duffy, Explaining Family Lives
  • Chapter 2: Debra Langan and Deborah Davidson, Rethinking Intimate Questions: Intimacy as Discourse
  • Chapter 3: Brian Wilson and Shannon Jette, Canadian Youth Culture: Consumption, Resistance, and Rave
  • Chapter 4: Vappu Tyyska, Immigrant and Racialized Families
  • Part Two: Living Inside Families
  • Chapter 5: Janice Ristock and Catherine Taylor, LGBTQ Families in Canada: Private Lives and Public Discourse
  • Chapter 6: Ann Duffy, Families in the New Economic Times
  • Chapter 7: Meg Luxton and June Corman, Families at Work: Individual versus Collective Strategies for Making a Living
  • Chapter 8: Aysan Sev?er, Marriage-Go-Around: Divorce and Remarriage in Canada
  • Part Three: Confronting Challenges and Change
  • Chapter 9: Mavis Morton, Violence in Canadian Families Across The Life Course
  • Chapter 10: Julia Hemphill, Aging Families

Author Information

Ann Duffy

Ann Duffy is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Labour Studies at Brock University; she also teaches Women's Studies.