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Guide d'Écriture: La Composition de A à Z, 1st Edition

By Nadine de Moras
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ISBN-10: 0176473491
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Edition: 1st

Guide d'Écriture : la composition de A à Z is the first Canadian writing guide for French language courses. It is a practical handbook that includes advice on how to research an essay, how to develop and structure an argument, and how to improve writing style. Concentrating on the needs of students with French as a second language, this guide offers a wealth of helpful advice on how to avoid common errors that students make when writing in French.


  • Unique focus on needs of second language students.
  • An invaluable writing resource that explains the most common errors made by Canadian students (faux amis, mots d'emprunts, anglicismes, errors in grammar structures, common spelling mistakes, differences in the use of punctuation in French and English). Particular attention is paid to the interference of English on French language acquisition in Canada which affects both Francophone and Anglophone students.
  • Teaches skills, but also provides students with a method to think about their text and their ideas. Provides a step-by-step process to improve students' writing. Explores various writing strategies and focuses on how applying these to their own writing will allow students to communicate more effectively with their readers.
  • Shows students how to enrich the vocabulary used in their compositions.
  • Analyzes examples of student compositions to show how these can be improved by applying the concepts and techniques outlined.
  • "Invitation à écrire" exercises encourage students to apply concepts to their own compositions.
  • "Récapitulons" provides a handy checklist for students to verify that their writing assignments apply the concepts outlined.
  • An appendix provides over 150 topics to inspire students to write.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Canadian Families in Social Context
  • Chapter 1: Nancy Mandell and Ann Duffy, Explaining Family Lives
  • Chapter 2: Debra Langan and Deborah Davidson, Rethinking Intimate Questions: Intimacy as Discourse
  • Chapter 3: Brian Wilson and Shannon Jette, Canadian Youth Culture: Consumption, Resistance, and Rave
  • Chapter 4: Vappu Tyyska, Immigrant and Racialized Families
  • Part Two: Living Inside Families
  • Chapter 5: Janice Ristock and Catherine Taylor, LGBTQ Families in Canada: Private Lives and Public Discourse
  • Chapter 6: Ann Duffy, Families in the New Economic Times
  • Chapter 7: Meg Luxton and June Corman, Families at Work: Individual versus Collective Strategies for Making a Living
  • Chapter 8: Aysan Sev?er, Marriage-Go-Around: Divorce and Remarriage in Canada
  • Part Three: Confronting Challenges and Change
  • Chapter 9: Mavis Morton, Violence in Canadian Families Across The Life Course
  • Chapter 10: Julia Hemphill, Aging Families

Author Information

Nadine de Moras

De langue maternelle française, Nadine de Moras a obtenu une licence (un bac) d'anglais et enseigné l'anglais aux francophones pendant plusieurs années avant de faire des études de maîtrise et doctorat en études françaises avec une spécialisation en acquisition et enseignement d'une Langue seconde (le français) à l'université de Western Ontario. Nadine de Moras enseigne le français à l'université depuis 14 ans. Elle a enseigné tous les cours de langue française, y compris des cours de composition et langue écrite, au Canada et à l'étranger. Elle enseigne actuellement les cours avancés de français à Brescia University College (Collège affilié de l'Université de Western Ontario).