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Law and Society: Canadian Readings, 3rd Edition

By Brian Burtch, Nick Larsen
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Soft Cover
424 pages
ISBN-10: 0176500200
ISBN-13: 9780176500207
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 3rd

This text is a collection of readings, with front and back matter written by Brian Burtch and Nick Larsen. The readings cover a range of topics that illustrate a Canadian perspective on law making and legal conflicts. It is divided into 5 parts: Historical Foundations of Law, Morality and the Criminal Law, Minorities and the Law, Women and the Law, and Future Directions in Law and Society. Within this framework, students are introduced to articles written by some of the leading scholars in the field on a broad range of topics that draw on the complexity and vitality of rights struggles in Canada.


  • *NEW* An introduction at the beginning of each chapter setting up the context of the article
  • *NEW* A list of suggested readings that follows the Questions to Consider section
  • *NEW* 9 new readings including: Chapter 1, The Legalization of Gambling in Canada; Chapter 7, First Nations of Canada and the Legal and Illegal Attacks on their Existence; Chapter 8, Law, Homophobia, and Violence: Legislating Against Hate; Chapter 10, Religious Arbitration in Canada: Protecting Women by Protecting Them from Religion

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Morality and the Criminal Law
  • Gambling
  • Chapter 1: The Legalization of Gambling in Canada
  • Colin S. Campbell, Timothy F. Hartnagel, and Garry J. Smith
  • Drugs
  • Chapter 2: Just Say No to the War on Drugs
  • Barney Sneiderman
  • Euthanasia
  • Chapter 3: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in the Post-Rodriguez Era:
  • Lessons from Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Michael Cormack
  • Corporate Crime
  • Chapter 4: Lost Lives at Westray: Official Discourse, Public
  • Truth and Controversial Death
  • John McMullan
  • Part Two: Minorities and the Law
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Chapter Five: ?Bitterly Disappointed? at the Spread of ?Colour-Bar Tactics?:
  • Viola Desmond?s Challenge to Racial Segregation, Nova Scotia, 1946
  • Constance Backhouse
  • Employment Equity
  • Chapter Six: Affirmative Action and Employment Equity:
  • Policy, Ideology, and Backlash in Canadian Context
  • Abigail B. Bakan and Audrey Kobayashi
  • Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
  • Chapter 7: First Nations of Canada and the Legal and Illegal Attacks on Their Existence
  • Laura Westra
  • Lesbian and Gay Rights
  • Chapter 8: Law, Homophobia, and Violence: Legislating against Hate
  • Douglas Victor Janoff
  • Part Three: Women and the Law
  • Partner-Abuse Claims
  • Chapter 9: Assessing Mutual Partner-Abuse Claims in Child Custody and Access Cases
  • Linda C. Neilson
  • Women and Religious Arbitration
  • Chapter 10: Religious Arbitration in Canada: Protecting Women by Protecting Them from Religion
  • Natasha Bakht
  • Charter-based Litigation
  • Chapter 11: The Charter, Equality Rights, and Women: Equivocation and Celebration
  • Diana Majury
  • Domestic Violence
  • Chapter 12: Theorizing Civil Domestic Violence Legislation in the Context of Restructuring: A Tale of Two Provinces
  • Jennifer Koshan and Wanda Wiegers
  • Part Four: Future Directions in Law and Society
  • Addressing Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying in Schools
  • Chapter 13: ?Teachers Don?t Hear the Word `Fag??: Homophobia and Transphobia in Canadian Schools
  • Rebecca Haskell and Brian Burtch
  • Canadian Responses to 9/11
  • Chapter 14: Keeping Up with the Neighbours? Canadian Responses to 9/11 in Historical and Comparative Context
  • Reg Whitaker
  • Environmental Law
  • Chapter 15: Excerpts from Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy
  • Systemic Weaknesses
  • Obstacles to Further Progress
  • David R. Boyd

Author Information

Brian Burtch

Brian Burtch is a professor in the school of Criminology and is an associate member in Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University. His key interests are critical criminology, gender and law, The Sociology of Law: Critical Approaches to Social Control (Thomson Nelson, 2003) and Trials of Labour: The Re-Emergence of Midwifery (Mcgill-midwifery and the state, and the sociology of law. Publications include, the second edition of Queen's University Press, 1994). He has also co-authored (with Carol Hird) a chapter: "Midwives and Safe Motherhood: International Perspectives" pp.115-145, in Farah M. Shroff; (ed.) The New Midwifery: Reflections on Renaissance and Regulation (Toronto: The Women's Press), and an essay on midwifery, B. Burtch and C. Hird (1997) "A Struggle for Recognition", World Health (March-April): 4-5, published by the World Health Organization.

Nick Larsen

Nick Larsen is a professor and coordinator of the criminal justice program at Chapman University (CA). He completed his MA at SFU and his PhD at the University of Manitoba. His major research interests include prostitution control, criminal justice policy, women in criminal justice and aboriginal justice.