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The Shifting Landscape of Work, 1st Edition

By Dan Glenday, Ann Duffy, Norene Pupo
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272 pages
ISBN-10: 0176500650
ISBN-13: 9780176500658
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

The Shifting Landscape of Work is a contributed text that explores contemporary issues pertaining to labour in the context of race, class, age, economics, and gender, presented from a left-of-center perspective. All of the contributors are well known and respected scholars in their field of research. The authors challenge students to think about the dynamics of the labour market, including the realities of unpaid work and the impact of structural shifts in societal power relations.


  • Provides up-to-date information on how paid employment is shifting and analyzes the implications for all Canadians
  • Facilitates in-depth understanding of unpaid work and paid employment
  • Engages the reader throughout with inter-sectionalities including race, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation
  • Includes discussion questions, key concepts, videography including documentaries, index and box inserts
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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Scanning the Horizon
  • Chapter 1: Rich but Losing Ground: How Canada?s Position in the World Economy Impacts Jobs, Social Choices, and Life Chances
  • Dan Glenday
  • Chapter 2: Canada?s Labour Movement in Challenging Times: Unions and Their Role in a Changing Economy
  • Angelo Di Caro, Chad Johnston, and Jim Stanford
  • Chapter 3: Walmartization and the McJob: The Jobs that Boomed in the New Economy
  • Norene Pupo
  • Chapter 4: Neoliberalism, Families, and Work-Life Balance
  • Kate Bezanson
  • Part Two: Working the Margins
  • Chapter 5:Trapped in the Shadows: The Working Lives of Invisible Minorities
  • Gerald Hunt
  • Chapter 6: The Entrenchment of Racial Categories in Precarious Employment
  • Kiran Mirchandani, Roxana Ng, Nel Coloma-Moya, Srabani Maitra, Trudy Rawlings, Honxia Shan, Khaleda Siddiqui, and Bonnie L. Slade
  • Chapter 7: Work, Living, and Learning Within Canadian Guest Worker Programs
  • Peter H. Sawchuk and Arlo Kempf
  • Part Three: The Emerging Landscape
  • Chapter 8: The Lengthening Shadow of Unemployment
  • Ann Duffy
  • Chapter 9: Power and Loose Time: Resistance, Compliance and the Potential for Creativity in Large Organizations
  • Dan Glenday
  • Chapter 10: Coordinated Bargaining: Stemming the Tide, Opening the Floodgates
  • Alan Hall
  • Appendix: Suggested Websites and Films
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index

Author Information

Norene Pupo

Norene Pupo is an Associate Professor of Sociology at York University, and is the director of the Centre for Research on Work and Society. She is co-author of "The Part-Time Paradox" (M&S), and "Few Choices Women, Work, and Family" (Garamond).

Dan Glenday

Dan Glenday is a Full Professor of Sociology at Brock University and the founder and director of the Centre for Labour Studies. He is the author of "Canadian Society: Meeting the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century" (Oxford).

Ann Duffy

Ann Duffy is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Labour Studies at Brock University; she also teaches Women's Studies.