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Mise au point: Textes, lexique, grammaire et tâches, 6th Edition

By Muriel Péguret, Catherine Phillips, Mirela Cherciov, Michel Parmentier
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ISBN-10: 0176501568
ISBN-13: 9780176501563
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 6th

Designed for Intermediate French courses, Mise au point supports students as they move along their journey to learning more advanced and sophisticated French, complementing and building upon what they have learned in previous courses. The goal is to help students become autonomous, lifelong French learners by immersing them in all aspects of the language. In the new edition, the authors use various activities that help students engage, discover, and apply what they are learning. The accompanying Cahier offers even more opportunities for practice with the vocabulary, idiomatic structures, and grammar points from each chapter. It also includes one set of translation exercises per chapter.


  • *NEW* The 15 chapters are divided into three sections: Observe and Discover, Learn and Consolidate and Reflect and Act.
  • *NEW* In the Grammar section, each series of exercises incorporates personal questions, mobilizing the grammar so students have an opportunity to practice what they have learned in a way that is real and applicable to their lives.
  • *NEW* Readings and vocabulary are introduced first, then reinforced and in the grammar section. This structure allows for the theme of the reading to be integrated and expanded upon when students are learning the grammar components, making the learning experience more applied.
  • *NEW* Grammar sections have been developed with the scaffolding approach in mind, to encourage students to use and recognize past learning and continue to build on it as they move ahead through the content.
  • *NEW* The vocabulary section has been expanded and given more structure to help students more easily move through it.
  • *NEW* Thirteen of the fifteen readings are new.
  • *NEW* The Reflect and Act section includes task-based activities that engage the student's creativity and ask them to reflect on what they have learned.
  • *NEW* Observe and Discover includes a reading, related comprehension questions, and guided activities.
  • *NEW* Learn and Consolidate includes the vocabulary and idiomatic structures, followed by the grammar explanations.
  • *NEW* Overall, a new and fresh design has been applied to improve legibility.

Table of Contents

  • [[Sommaire]]
  • Avant-Propos
  • Table des matieres
  • Chapitre 1 Apprendre a apprendre une langue
  • Chapitre 2 Planifier une invitation a souper
  • Chapitre 3 Filmer une video de deballage
  • Chapitre 4 Raconter et rapporter une anecdote urbaine
  • Chapitre 5 Raconter ce que vous avez vu recemment comme divertissement
  • Chapitre 6 Reflechir a une experience culturelle
  • Chapitre 7 Donner un cours particulier
  • Chapitre 8 Passer et faire passer un entretien d?embauche
  • Chapitre 9 Trouver un(e) colocataire ou un colocation
  • Chapitre 10 Rediger sa liste de choses a accomplir au cours de sa vie
  • Chapitre 11 S?echanger des conseils de sante et de bien-etre
  • Chapitre 12 Partager ses astuces pour bien passer l?hiver
  • Chapitre 13 Augmenter la presence du francais dans son milieu
  • Chapitre 14 Rapporter un evenement auquel on a assiste ou un sujet d?actualite
  • Chapitre 15 Sensibiliser la communaute a une question environnementale
  • Appendice A : Conjugaisons
  • Appendice B : Verbes (+ prepositions) + infinitif
  • Appendice C : L?imparfait et le plus-que-parfait du subjonctif
  • Lexique
  • Index

Author Information

Michel Parmentier

Michel Parmentier, a professor in the French department at Bishop's University, Québec, lives in Ottawa. He has been teaching French as a second language at a variety of levels for many years. In addition to writing Mise au point, he is the author of Regards contemporains: Textes d'actualité québécoise. He is co-translator of Free Rein, and co-author of Second Regards, Récits récents as well as Nouvelles nouvelles: Fictions du Quebec contemporain.