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Empowering Children: Play-Based Curriculum for Lifelong Learning

By Dale Shipley
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This Canadian text covers developmentally appropriate curriculum in all developmental domains – physical, cognitive, affective – for children from ages two to six years. Designed to help students and practitioners formulate an approach to developmental curriculum planning and implementation, this text uses play-based methods as the medium for learning. The pedagogy builds on strategically planned learning centres (e.g., the daily living centre, the active role play centre, the quiet thinking centre) to provide an experimental context for learning through play. The textbook leads students through the steps involved in planning learning environments and curriculum that capitalize on play to facilitate children’s achievement of explicit developmental outcomes that are the foundation of learning success in school and throughout life.

Author Information

Dale Shipley

Dale Shipley, Ed.D., was Director of the School of Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University, Toronto, from 2001 to 2006. Dale has had a varied career in the education sector, beginning as a teacher in the high schools of Ontario and England, and continuing for thirteen years as a professor in the early childhood education program at Algonquin College. Her career in early childhood education was interrupted on three occasions when she worked as a consultant or administrator for organizations affiliated with change in the Ontario postsecondary sector. These experiences broadened her understanding of the influence of the early years on later learning success and deepened her commitment to high quality early childhood education as essential preparation for life. Dale believes that the new paradigm for early childhood education in Canada should blend constructivist educational theories with the culturally diverse values and early learning priorities that permeate our society and develop a made-in-Canada model that works best for our nation.