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Health Care Ethics in Canada, 3rd Edition

By Françoise Baylis, Kirstin Borgerson, Susan Sherwin , Barry Hoffmaster
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544 pages
ISBN-10: 0176504648
ISBN-13: 9780176504649
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 3rd

The third edition of Health Care Ethics in Canada builds on the commitment to Canadian content established in earlier editions without sacrificing breadth or rigor. Through a collection of selected readings, this textbook covers core issues while simultaneously bringing a fresh new perspective based on recent developments in health care. It is an up-to-date, comprehensive textbook that brings a wide range of perspectives and issues to the table on the social and institutional settings of health care delivery and the role that culture plays. This textbook aims to provide a variety of Canadian perspectives on both longstanding and emerging trends in Canadian health care.


  • *NEW* New topics include controversial new medical technology and public health interventions
  • *NEW* Over 50 articles in total; 34 are new to this edition
  • *NEW* New chapter "Contested Therapies and Technologies" highlights the recent debates over the treatment of intersexuality, human cloning, and stem cells. The contributors also discuss the relationship between social norms and medical practice
  • *NEW* The textbook reflects the new debates and directions the discipline has gone in over the past several years and challenges students to think of health care ethics beyond the patient-provider relationship
  • *NEW* Many chapters include a section on useful resources and brief summaries of relevant Canadian legal cases along with questions to stimulate discussion and debate
  • A ground-up Canadian text from the outset, the topics addressed and perspectives given are framed within a Canadian context with particular attention to cultural, political, and social contexts
  • A comprehensive and current introduction to health care ethics
  • A balanced collection of readings that examines the diversity of opinions surrounding the current issues in health care
  • The text includes discussions around the relationships between patients and providers
  • Infotrac is included with every new copy purchased

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Theory and Method
  • Chapter 2: Canadian Health Care
  • Chapter 3: Challenges for Canadian Health Care
  • Chapter 4: Public Health
  • Chapter 5: Patients and Providers
  • Chapter 6: Autonomy and Informed Consent
  • Chapter 7: Clinical Research
  • Chapter 8: Reproduction
  • Chapter 9: End-of-Life Issues
  • Chapter 10: Contested Therapies and Technologies

Author Information

Françoise Baylis

Françoise Baylis, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Bioethics and Philosophy at Dalhousie University, is one of Canada's public intellectuals. She is a frequent guest on CBC and Radio Canada and author of many news stories that give us a "behind the scenes" look at deep-seated ethical issues. Her interests are many and varied, and she has a love of thought-provoking questions. Stem cell research, research involving pregnant women, H1N1 vaccines, pharma funding of medical research and education, face transplantation―these are but a few of the issues on which she works. All of her research and policy consultation is informed by a strong commitment to the common good.

Susan Sherwin

Susan Sherwin, University Research Professor, Emeritus, Department of Philosophy at Dalhousie University, is widely known in Canada and internationally for her theoretical contributions to bioethics and feminist ethics. Her books, No Longer Patient and The Politics of Women's Health, helped to launch the interdisciplinary field of feminist bioethics. She has served on national advisory committees dealing with reproductive and genetic technologies and public health ethics. Her influence in these areas has been recognized by her winning the Killam Prize in Humanities (2006) and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Canadian Bioethics Society (2007).

Kirstin Borgerson

Kirstin Borgerson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Dalhousie University, is the newest member of the editorial team for Health Care Ethics in Canada. Kirstin researches and teaches in medical epistemology and medical ethics and spends quite a lot of time thinking about how health care professionals should answer the question, "What's your evidence for that?" She currently holds a CIHR Catalyst Grant in Ethics and is investigating whether medical researchers have an ethical obligation to adjust their methods or questions in order to conduct research on matters of greatest clinical importance. Kirstin's research and teaching is shaped by her upbringing in Saskatchewan and a deep commitment to the vision of public health care developed and defended by her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.