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Creating Effective Learning Environments, 4th Edition

By Ingrid Crowther
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352 pages
ISBN-10: 0176531769
ISBN-13: 9780176531768
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 4th

By creating a strong balance between theoretical concepts and applied practice, Creating Effective Learning Environments takes early childhood curriculum development to the next level. This text helps readers see the curriculum from a child's perspective and understand how that perspective is linked to learning and theory. The centre of any curriculum is the child; this text begins not with general theories or applications that are suitable for many, but with each individual child. The theory and methodology of this text are integrated around the actual experiences of children, presented in a logical flow, and embracing current philosophies about integration, play, bias, and learning practices.


  • *NEW* A new chapter on Emergent Curriculum describes the concept through the eyes of the child and offers insights into practical applications to guide adults in setting up and implementing appropriate learning activities, spaces and materials to engage children.
  • *NEW* An updated 4-colour interior brings to life real photographs that are used to support the learning of the readers. The photographs and scenarios continue to support a visual journey of children's learning activities.
  • *NEW* References have been updated to support current knowledge and philosophical trends in developmentally appropriate practices, child development, literacy, emergent curriculum, and diversity.
  • The text presents approaches that embrace current philosophies about integration, play, bias and learning practices.
  • Each chapter includes a section 'Recognizing and Planning for Diversity' specifically geared toward diversity concepts

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Play
  • Chapter 2: The Learning Environment
  • Chapter 3: Emergent Curriculum
  • Chapter 4: Sand Play
  • Chapter 5: Water Play
  • Chapter 6: Music
  • Chapter 7: Block Play
  • Chapter 8: Quiet Play
  • Chapter 9: Literacy Development
  • Chapter 10: Dramatic Play
  • Chapter 11: Creative Arts
  • Chapter 12: Manipulative Experiences
  • Chapter 13: Math and Science
  • Chapter 14: Woodworking

Author Information

Ingrid Crowther

Ingrid Crowther has earned her Doctor of Education in Early Childhood and the Middle Years. Her background includes teaching in early childhood, elementary school, university, and college programs. She has published articles in a variety of journals and has completed three additional textbooks: the first Canadian edition of Infants and Toddlers, Creating Effective Learning Environments (also adapted for the US market and currently being translated into German), and Healthy and Safe Children (in press). Dr. Crowther has worked on several human services projects funded by HRDC: the Effective Practices project, the Pan Canadian Pathways project, and currently the Gateways project.