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Criminal Justice in Canada: A Reader, 5th Edition

By Michelle Grossman, Julian Roberts
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400 pages
ISBN-10: 017655789X
ISBN-13: 9780176557898
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 5th

Ranging from the mainstream to critical, Criminal Justice in Canada: A Reader contains a widely diverse selection of largely original readings on the Canadian criminal justice system. This text gives voice to people from all aspects of the industry, including readings from a judge, a defense attorney, a crown attorney as well as a life prisoner. It focuses on the most topical issues and pressing problems in today's society, such as plea-bargaining, racial discrimination, prisoner's rights, and wrongful convictions in Canada. Engaging students in all aspects of Criminal Justice.


  • *NEW* Chosen essays highlight essential information on the structure and function of criminal justice from a variety of perspectives.
  • Students are exposed to individuals working in or who have passed through the criminal justice process, because the voice of practical experience has greater value than mere theory.
  • The text highlights empirical research that sheds light on the way that the justice system functions in Canada.
  • Many readings have been commissioned especially for this new edition.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Introductory Readings
  • Chapter 1: Criminal Justice in Canada: an overview
  • Chapter 2: Criminal Justice and the Canadian Charter of Rights and
  • Freedoms
  • Chapter 3: The Funhouse Mirror: Media Representations of Crime
  • and Justice
  • Part Two: Voices of Actors in the Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 4: Scenes From the Life of a Police Officer
  • Chapter 5: The Role of the Prosecutor
  • Chapter 6: The Role of a Defence Counsel
  • Chapter 7: A Day in the Life of a Judge
  • Chapter 8: The Probation Officer?s Report
  • Chapter 9: The Professional Life of a Federal Parole Officer
  • Chapter 10: Release From Prison: a Life Prisoner?s Story
  • Part Three: Current Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Chapter 11: Community Policing in Canada: The Broad Blue Line
  • Chapter 12: Who?s Policing the Police? Police Governance and
  • Oversight in Ontario
  • Chapter 13: The Decision to Detain or Release: The Nuts and Bolts
  • of Bail
  • Chapter 14: Plea Bargaining
  • Chapter 15: Crime, Criminal Justice and Aboriginal Canadians
  • Chapter 16: Criminal Justice Responses to People with Mental
  • Illnesses
  • Chapter 17: Drugs and the Canadian Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 18: Wrongful Convictions in Canada: Causes,
  • Consequences, and Responses
  • Chapter 19: Innocent but Presumed Guilty: The Wrongful
  • Conviction of William Mullins-Johnson
  • Chapter 20: Why Say Sorry When I Didn?t Do It? Remorse and the
  • Dilemma of the Wrongfully Convicted
  • Chapter 21: The Changing Nature of Youth Justice: Assessing the
  • Impact of the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • Chapter 22: Young People Doing Time: Consequences of Custody for
  • Young Offenders
  • Chapter 23: Responding to Intimate Partner Violence
  • Chapter 24: Crime Victims and the Justice System
  • Chapter 25: Criminal (In)justice: Responding to Corporate Crime
  • in the Workplace
  • Chapter 26: Domestic Violence and Mandatory Criminal Justice
  • Interventions: Re-evaluating the Zero Tolerance Approach
  • Chapter 27: Prisoner?s Rights in Canada
  • Chapter 28: Deaths in Custody

Author Information

Richard Julian Roberts FSA was a British librarian, bibliographer, and scholar. Roberts was educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham, and Magdalen College, Oxford. 

Michelle G. Grossman