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Grammaire française, 6th Edition

By Martin Beaudoin, Jacqueline Ollivier
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Soft Cover
480 pages
ISBN-10: 0176570039
ISBN-13: 9780176570033
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 6th

Grammaire française has established itself as one of the best French manuals available for the study of French grammar. It is designed for intermediate and advanced students who have a solid foundation in French syntax. It provides students with clear, concise, and simple grammatical explanations, and it can be used for both the systematic study of the French language, or as a reference in more advanced courses.


  • *NEW* Written entirely in French
  • Revised 20% of the exercises and examples
  • Icons appear throughout to signify pair and group activities, along with editing exercises
  • Activities are labelled as "A", "B", or "C" signifying easy, intermediate and advanced exercises, allowing students to pace themselves through the content at their own pace.
  • Includes many examples to help illustrate explanations
  • Various oral and written exercises, written in an engaging manner, to help reinforce each chapter's lessons
  • Many original texts have been replaced with Canadian ones to reflect a Canadian culture.

Table of Contents

  • Avant-propos
  • 1: Survol de la phrase
  • 1re Partie: Le groupe nominal
  • 2: Le nom
  • 3: Les determinants
  • 4: L'adjectif
  • 5: Les pronoms personnels
  • 6: Les pronoms possessifs
  • 7: Les pronoms demonstratifs
  • 8: Les pronoms relatifs
  • 2e Partie: Les invariables et les mots indefinis
  • 9: L'adverbe
  • 10: Les comparatifs et les superlatifs
  • 11: Les prepositions
  • 12: Les conjonctions
  • 13: Les mots indefinis
  • 3e Partie: Le groupe verbal
  • 14: Survol du systeme verbal
  • 15: Le present de l'indicatif
  • 16: Le passe compose
  • 17: L'imparfait
  • 18: Le plus-que-parfait
  • 19: Le futur
  • 20: Le conditionnel
  • 21: Le subjonctif
  • 22: L'imperatif
  • 23: Le participe
  • 24: L'infinitif
  • 25: Les verbes pronominaux
  • 26: Les verbes impersonnels
  • 27: Les verbes semi-auxiliaires
  • 4e Partie: Les transformations syntaxiques
  • 28: La negation
  • 39: L'interrogation
  • 30: La voix passive
  • 31: Le discours indirect
  • Appendices
  • A. Les tableaux de conjugaison
  • B. Les rectifications orthographiques
  • Lexique francais-anglais
  • Index

Author Information

Martin Beaudoin

Martin Beaudoin obtained his Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics at the University of Alberta in 1996. Currently an Associate Professor at the Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, Prof. Beaudoin has taught introductory and intermediate French for the Canadian government, and at the CEGEP in Matane, Québec. A committed educator and researcher, Prof. Beaudoin created and maintains the interactive French grammar database, Pomme.