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Science?: A Science Student's Success Guide, 1st Edition

By Fiona Rawle, Todd Nickle, Susan Morante, Robert Thacker
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464 pages
ISBN-10: 0176662731
ISBN-13: 9780176662738
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

Science3: A Science Student’s Success Guide is your one-stop-shop for studying and succeeding in science. Here you’ll learn the skills not normally taught in the classroom; effective post-secondary study skills, how to think critically and communicate in science, using mathematics as a scientific tool, how to leverage the use of word roots, prefixes and suffixes when reading scientific papers and texts and how to highlight your science skills to create opportunities for a job or graduate school. Science3 also shows you how Chemistry, Physics and Biology interrelate and demonstrates how you can effectively apply the same study strategies to all three disciplines.


  • Concept Maps – visual means to organize thoughts about chapter topics
  • Numbered Boxes – simple and direct instructions on how to solve problems
  • www boxes – reminder that more material is available online
  • Say What? – Definition or root of words
  • Did you Know? – Highlights cool and interesting science facts
  • Danger Zone – Highlights things that students do to get in trouble, or study strategies that don't work
  • Tool Kit – Specific and useful tools (including links and web resources)
  • Strategies That Work – Advice that is based on quality pedagogical evidence

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Purpose of this book
  • Chapter 2: What is Science?
  • Chapter 3: Thinking like a Scientist
  • Chapter 4: Understanding Science
  • Chapter 5: Science and Math
  • Chapter 6: Biology, Chemistry and Physics Basics
  • Chapter 7: Study Strategies
  • Chapter 8: Science and Communication
  • Chapter 9: Scholarship, Job and Post-Grad Applications
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion
  • Appendix A: An Overview of Scientific Literature
  • Appendix B: Science3 Work Bench: Key Tables and Tools to use
  • Appendix C: Pedagogy Papers

Author Information

Todd Nickle

Todd Nickle received his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University in 1998, and has been teaching biology at Mount Royal University ever since. He advocates Active Learning: students come to class prepared to work with material rather than just hear about it. Student preparation involves reading the text and applying the concepts to online exercises, the results of which inform what the next lecture will be about. Class time focusses on exploring connections between concepts and ideas in biology and how they relate to other disciplines, which inspired him coauthor a handbook for first-year science students (Science3). His interest in promoting best teaching practices among educators had him confirm the Alberta Introductory Biology Association as an official Society of Alberta; Todd is currently President. His work put him in the first cohort of Full Professors at Mount Royal University in 2012, garnered the 2015 ACIFA Innovation in Teaching Award, and the Distinguished Faculty Award from MRU in 2016.