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Interchange: Reading and Writing Critically, 1st Edition

By Carter/Stilla
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ISBN-10: 0176764682
ISBN-13: 9780176764685
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 1st

NELSON is pleased to announce a new publication in English! Interchange: Reading and Writing Critically encourages students to read like a writer and write like a reader. This product was built from the ground up by two educators who are in touch with the needs of today’s students in the classroom. By examining robust, thematically based reading examples throughout each chapter, students improve their critical reading skills and are exposed to examples of good writing as they learn to write effectively themselves. Bring a new and fresh perspective to your students with Interchange, a scaffolded and integrated approach to teaching and learning composition!


  • *NEW* A recursive, metacognitive approach that encourages students to reflect on their own thinking, with explicit instruction.
  • *NEW* Each chapter offers two or three high-interest readings to deepen topic understanding and generate thoughtful writing.
  • *NEW* Each chapter builds on the one before it, weaving skills and strategies in reading and writing in a scaffolded manner.
  • *NEW* Learning Objectives start each chapter and promote a focused experience for students.
  • *NEW* The "Think about It" feature is found in each chapter and encourages curiosity and opinions about the broad themes.
  • *NEW* Grammar is integrated throughout the chapters.
  • Pedagogy that breaks down each skill with related examples from the readings in the chapter help build that connection between the reading and the student's own writing.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part 1: First Steps to Effective Reading and Writing
  • Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation: Effective Reading and Writing Processes
  • Chapter 2: Main Ideas: Clarifying the Point
  • Chapter 3: Supporting Details and Patterns of Organization: The Relationship between Structure and Support
  • Part 2: Using Writing to Learn
  • Chapter 4: Summarizing a Reading
  • Chapter 5: Research and Expository Writing
  • Part 3: Reading and Writing Critically
  • Chapter 6: Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing: Analyzing Language, Tone, Author, and Publication
  • Chapter 7: Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing: Analyzing Arguments
  • Chapter 8: Writing to Evaluate a Text
  • Chapter 9: Writing a Response to a Text
  • Chapter 10: Writing an Argument
  • Appendix: Documentation
  • Index

Author Information

Christine Evans Carter

Raised in Toronto, Christine Evans Carter is a professor of reading in the English department and has taught reading and writing at St. Louis Community College for almost 20 years. She holds two master's degrees in anthropology and reading along with a graduate certificate in gender studies. She has published two textbooks about reading skills and strategies for college learners with Cengage.

John Stilla

John Stilla holds the position of Chair, School of English and Liberal Studies, at Seneca College. Prior to this, he was a professor and program coordinator in Humber College's Department of English, focusing on the areas of remedial and developmental English. During his time in the role, he helped move first-semester composition courses toward a curriculum that heavily integrates reading and writing pedagogy. In addition to holding a master's degree in English, he is an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher, having completed a post-graduate certificate in teaching English as a second language.