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Criminal Justice in Canada: A Reader, 6th Edition

By Julian V. Roberts, Michelle G. Grossman

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Soft Cover
ISBN-13: 9780176911065
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 6th
Criminal Justice in Canada, A Reader is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! The new 6th edition Reader is a collection of primarily introductory level readings and aimed at any course with either a primary or secondary focus on the criminal justice system. In addition to exploring key and controversial topics, the text gives voice to participants from all aspects of the criminal justice system. These include readings from a judge, a defense attorney, a crown attorney, probation officer, police officer, as well as a life prisoner. It also offers essays on current issues in criminal justice and encourages students to debate and think critically about hot topics such as racial discrimination in the criminal court system or plea-bargaining. All returning chapters have been extensively revised and there are nine new readings, including a reading on Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice Statistics by Alwasco-Owusu-Bempah and Paul Millar, and Indigenous Incarceration in Canada, by Andrew Reid and Julian V. Roberts. Additionally, there is a new foreword written by The Honorable Patrick Healy, from the Quebec Court of Appeal in Canada, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Reader.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Criminal Justice in Canada Julian V. Roberts UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD

CHAPTER 2 Criminal Justice and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Marie Manikis McGILL UNIVERSITY

CHAPTER 3 A Portrait of the System: Criminal Justice Trends Andrew A. Reid DOUGLAS COLLEGE, B.C.

CHAPTER 4 The Funhouse Mirror: Media Representations of Crime and Justice Peter McKnight VANCOUVER SUN PART TWO VOICES OF PARTICIPANTS IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM

CHAPTER 5 Scenes from the Life of a Police Officer Michael Waby MINISTRY OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF ONTARIO

CHAPTER 6 For the Prosecution: The Crown Attorney Lia Di Giulio CROWN COUNSEL

CHAPTER 7 The Role of the Defence Counsel Jordana H. Goldlist DEFENCE COUNSEL

CHAPTER 8 A Day in the Life of a Judge: The Guilty Plea Court Judge Gilles Renaud ONTARIO COURT OF JUSTICE

CHAPTER 9 Helping Victims and Witnesses: The Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) Jennifer Strasberg CROWN COUNSEL

CHAPTER 10 The Probation Officer’s Report Karen Middlecoat PROBATION AND PAROLE (RETIRED)

CHAPTER 11 A Life Prisoner’s Perspective Rick Sauve PRISONERS’ RIGHTS ACTIVIST

CHAPTER 12 The Wrongful Conviction of William Mullins-Johnson Kathryn M. Campbell UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA PART THREE KEY ISSUES IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE

CHAPTER 13 Who’s Policing the Police? Chris Giacomantonio Ph.D.

CHAPTER 14 Negotiating the Guilty Plea Simon Verdun-Jones SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY

CHAPTER 15 Criminal Justice Responses to People with Mental Illnesses James D. Livingston ST. MARY’S UNIVERSITY

CHAPTER 16 Drugs and the Criminal Justice System Eugene Oscapella UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA

CHAPTER 17 Justice in Error: Wrongful Convictions in Canada Kathryn M. Campbell UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA Myriam Denov McGILL UNIVERSITY

CHAPTER 18 Young People in Custody Carla Cesaroni ONTARIO TECH UNIVERSITY

CHAPTER 19 Crime Victims and the Justice System Susan McDonald RESEARCH AND STATISTICS DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CANADA Michelle G. Grossman Ph.D.

CHAPTER 20 Criminal (In)Justice: Responding to Corporate Crime in the Workplace Steven Bittle UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA

CHAPTER 21 Domestic Violence: Exploring the Zero Tolerance Approach Rashmee Singh UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO

CHAPTER 22 Criminal Justice and Indigenous Canadians Savvas Lithopoulos PUBLIC SAFETY CANADA (RETIRED) Rick Ruddell UNIVERSITY OF REGINA

CHAPTER 23 Indigenous Over-Incarceration: The Criminal Justice Problem that Won’t Go Away Julian V. Roberts UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Andrew A. Reid DOUGLAS COLLEGE

CHAPTER 24 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice Statistics Akwasi Owusu-Bempah UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Paul Miller, NIPISSING UNIVERSITY

CHAPTER 25 Responding to Intimate Partner Violence Gillian Blackell DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CANADA Holly Johnson Ph.D.

CHAPTER 26 Electronic Monitoring: Perceptions of Professionals and Offenders Ashley Willoughby M.A. Mike Nellis UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE

CHAPTER 27 Prisoners’ Rights in Canada Shereen H. Benzvy Miller M.A., J.D.

CHAPTER 28 Home Alone: The Conditional Sentence of Imprisonment Julian V. Roberts UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD