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Canadian Corrections, 5th Edition

By Danielle J. Murdoch, Curt T. Griffiths
ISBN-10: 9780176700034
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 5th

Canadian Corrections, Fifth Edition, is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of corrections in Canada, and to explores the unique attributes of the Canadian correctional enterprise. The materials presented in this text are both descriptive and analytical. Key themes have been woven throughout, including approaching the topic of corrections with a critical eye by examining whether past reform efforts have been successful, how and why systems of corrections continue to experience issues that were first identified in the mid-19th century, human rights in corrections, and factors that influence the design and use of correctional strategies in Canada. The latter theme involves the examination of how policies that were implemented under the former governments have altered the correctional landscape in Canada and how we have seen, and will continue to see, judicial decision making and the federal government alter some of these policies. In writing this text, the authors present the materials in a way that will stimulate students’ thinking about corrections and capture the intensity of the issues surrounding the response to criminal offenders by systems of corrections.

Author Information

Curt T. Griffiths

Curt Taylor Griffiths is a Professor and Coordinator of the Police Studies Program in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Among his primary research interests are the organizational and operational dynamics of policing, police effectiveness and efficiency, and the effectiveness of police strategies and operations. His work has been carried out at the national and international levels, where he has worked with all levels of government, community organizations, and communities of diversity. He is the author of two university-level texts—Canadian Criminal Justice: A Primer (6th ed., 2019) and Canadian Police Work (5th ed., 2019)—and co-author of the text Canadian Corrections (5th ed., 2018). He has published widely in academic journals on a variety of police-related topics. He is also the co-author of several recent reports prepared for Public Safety Canada, including Contemporary Policing Responsibilities (2017); The Use of Private Security Services for Policing (2016); and Improving Police Efficiency: Challenges and Opportunities (2015). Recently-completed projects with colleagues include an evaluation of the Justice Institute of BC Police Academy recruit training program (2019); a review of street checks policy and practice in Vancouver (2019) and Edmonton (2018); an evaluation of the investigator training program in the BC Office of the Independent Investigator (IIO) (2019); a resource review of the Kelowna (BC) RCMP detachment (2019); operational reviews of the Vancouver Police Department (2017) and the Winnipeg Police Department (2013); and studies of patrol deployment in the Delta (BC) and Saanich (BC) police departments. He also served as a consultant for the City of Surrey (BC) during the transition from RMCP contract policing to an independent municipal police service.

Danielle J. Murdoch

Danielle J. Murdoch is a lecturer in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.