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Bonne Route!: Second Edition, 2nd Edition

By Patricia P. De Meo, James W. Brown, B. Edward Gesner
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Hardbound Book
ISBN-10: 0176224505
ISBN-13: 9780176224509
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 2nd

Bonne route!, a longtime favourite of students and instructors, is now in a new, updated, andrefreshed edition.The only four-colour Canadian text for introductory French, Bonne route!provides a clear grounding in the language and introduces francophone cultures worldwide,with an international emphasis on Canada and North America as well as Europe, the WestIndies, and Africa. Culture is introduced through a story line that presents realistic characters andsituations as well as authentic documents. Lively dialogues and letters bring the story, theculture, and the language to life.This new edition maintains the spiralled approach to language teaching but introduces moreopportunities for student practice. The audio program is now available on a CD for students. Aninteractive presentation on the student CD presents a tour of la francophonie while reinforcingstructures from the text. A new website also introduces students tofrancophone culture on the web. Bonne route! responds to the frequently expressed need for atext that balances communicative proficiency with grammatical accuracy. This complete learningpackage, with a fresh new design, will continue to engage both students and instructors.


  • *NEW* New four-colour design!
  • *NEW* Cultural references have been updated and refreshed.
  • *NEW* New icons direct students to the audio program.
  • *NEW* "Pratique, pratique" features provide additional opportunities for practice in every chapter.
  • *NEW* Audio program is available on CD for students.
  • *NEW* New website:
  • "Reflexions sur la culture" contains activities designed to stimulate thought about connections between cultures.
  • A variety of exercises and activities help the students acquire the language features under study.
  • "Sur le vif" provides dialogues that form a coherent story line throughout the book.
  • Language forms appear is a spiral fashion, giving the student gradual exposure to structuresthat become more complex as the book progresses.
  • "Pour en savoir" provides notes on various linguistic or cultural features of the conversation,highlighting cultural traditions and real-life practices in different francophone countries.

Table of Contents

  • Mise en route
  • Chapitre preliminaire: Maria arrive a Laval
  • Chapitre 1: La premiere classe
  • Chapitre 2: On se retrouve a la cafeteria
  • Chapitre 3: Une soiree de rencontres
  • Chapitre 4: Au restaurant
  • Chapitre 5: Une excursion dans la region de Quebec
  • Chapitre 6: Que nous reserve lavenir?
  • Chapitre 7: Joseph en Acadie
  • Chapitre 8: Maria apprend a se debrouiller
  • Chapitre 9: La famille Sawchuk/ OBrien dans le Midi
  • Chapitre 10: Gerard se rend a Charleville-Mezieres
  • Chaptire 11: Les Charbonneau a la Martinique
  • Chapitre 12: Jocelyne a Dakar
  • Chapitre 13: Un environnement preoccupant
  • Chapitre 14: De retour a Quebec
  • Appendix A: International phonetic alphabet
  • Appendix B: Glossary of grammatical terms
  • Appendix C: Verbs
  • Appendix D: Vocabulaire francais - anglais,
  • Vocabulaire anglais - francais
  • Credits
  • Index

Author Information

Brock Fenton

M.B. (Brock) Fenton received his Ph.D. in 1969 for work in the ecology and behaviour of bats. Since then he has held academic positions at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada 1969 to 19...