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Strategic Human Resources Planning, 7th Edition

By Monica Belcourt, Mark Podolosky

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ISBN-10: 0176798080
ISBN-13: 9780176798086
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 7th

Human resources planning is successful when it is strategic and focused on the unique needs of an organization. Strategic Human Resources Planning, Seventh Edition, emphasizes HR professionals as business partners, crucial in the strategic planning and implementation of policies and practices. While using this product, students are challenged to consider the allocation of resources, strategy formulation and implementation, and the effective management of people and policies to ensure the success of a chosen strategy within an organization. This title is part of the Nelson Series in Human Resources Management, a collection of 6 titles that are built with both students and HR professionals in mind. The titles in the series reflect the most recent research, use examples from Canadian companies, and have become known as valid and reliable resources in each of the functional areas.


  • *NEW* "HR Planning Today" boxes put issues into real-life context and have been updated throughout.
  • *NEW* Chapter 4 includes two new sections—"The Value of Human Capital to the Firm" and "The Forecasting Process."
  • *NEW* Chapter 6 includes two new sections—"Segmenting the Internal Supply of Human Capital" and "Substitution and Other Gap Strategies."
  • *NEW* Chapter 8, "Information Technology for HR Planning," has been significantly updated to reflect current topics, such as big data, IT as it relates to HR, HR metrics, and data security.
  • Many of the chapter opening vignettes have been updated and tell the story of an actual company facing a strategic challenge that is related to the content within the chapter.
  • Canadian companies are featured extensively throughout.
  • "HR Planning Notebook" highlights key points that flow from the chapter.
  • Chapter 10, written by Professor Terry Wagar of Saint Mary's University, discusses restricting and downsizing.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Strategic Management
  • Chapter 2: Aligning HR with Strategy
  • Chapter 3: Environmental Influences on HRM
  • Chapter 4: The HR Forecasting Process
  • Chapter 5: Determining HR Demand
  • Chapter 6: Ascertaining HR Supply
  • Chapter 7: Succession Management
  • Chapter 8: Information Technology for HR Planning
  • Chapter 9: Change Management
  • Chapter 10: Downsizing and Restructuring
  • Chapter 11: Strategic International HRM
  • Chapter 12: Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Chapter 13: Outsourcing
  • Chapter 14: HR Assessment and Analytics
  • Glossary
  • Index

Author Information

Monica Belcourt

Monica Belcourt is the Director of the School of Human Resources Management at York University. She is the Past President of the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (HRPAO), past Director of the School of Administrative Studies and the founding Director of the Graduate Program in Human Resources Management at York University. Her research is grounded in the experience she gained as Director of Personnel for CP Rail, Director of Employee Development, National Film Board, and as a functional HR specialist for the federal government. Dr. Belcourt alternated work with graduate school, earning a MA in Psychology, a M. Ed in adult education, and a PhD in business. She also holds the designation CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional). She has taught HR at McGill, Concordia, Universite du Quebec a Montreal and York, and given seminars for HR professionals and executives. She created Canada's first degrees in human resources management: B.HRM (honours) and a Masters in HRM ( Monica is the Series Editor for the Nelson Canada Series in HRM, lead author of Strategic Human Resources Planning, and is the lead author of the best selling book, Managing Human Resources, published by Nelson ( She is a frequent commentator on HRM issues for CTV, Canada AM, CBC, The Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, The Canadian HR Reporter and other media.

Mark Podolosky

Mark Podolsky is an Assistant Professor at the School of Human Resource Management at York University. His research focuses on situational constraints in the workplace, which includes the kinds of management practices and behavioural norms that can influence individual and group level behaviours and outcomes. His research also explores the relationships between organizational strategy and HR practices, and seeks to develop methods to connect strategic outcomes to HR practices and the management of human capital.