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Recruitment and Selection in Canada, 7th Edition

By Victor M. Catano, Willi H Wiesner, Rick D. Hackett
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ISBN-10: 0176764666
ISBN-13: 9780176764661
Publisher: Top Hat
Edition: 7th

Recruitment and Selection is part of the market-leading Nelson Series in Human Resources Management, known for providing valid, reliable and current resources for students and professionals alike. Through pedagogy like examples, discussion questions and case studies, we provide an accessible and easy-to-read introduction to the topic of recruitment and selection. Being a ground-up title allows the author team to organically incorporate Canadian material, ensuring attention and focus on Canadian contemporary issues, laws, examples and case studies.


  • *NEW* Chapter 7 has been thoroughly revised by streamlining some of the academic literature making it more accessible for students to learn.
  • *NEW* Chapter 1 has been thoroughly updated and reorganized with a stronger focus on strategic planning and how it applies to recruitment and selection.
  • *NEW* All statistics and references to codes and ethics have been updated, as appropriate.
  • *NEW* Chapter 2 includes expanded coverage of Bias and Fairness.
  • *NEW* A new end-of-chapter case in Chapter 2: "Cognitive Ability Test."
  • *NEW* Expanded coverage of social media and LinkedIn.
  • *NEW* Expanded and updated coverage of cyberbullying and anti-bullying.
  • Opening vignettes start each chapter and tell the story of a challenge faced by a real company to help situate students in what they will be learning in that chapter.
  • "Recruitment and Selection Today" draws on examples from current events for students to better understand the connection with what they are learning and the impact on businesses.
  • Each chapter has a case study which is followed by questions.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Recruitment and Selection
  • Chapter 2 : Foundations of Recruitment and Selection I: Reliability and Validity
  • Chapter 3 : Foundations of Recruitment and Selection II: Legal Issues
  • Chapter 4 : Job Analysis and Competency Models
  • Chapter 5 : Job Performance
  • Chapter 6 : Recruitment: The First Step in the Selection Process
  • Chapter 7 : Selection I: Applicant Screening
  • Chapter 8 : Selection II: Testing and Other Assessments
  • Chapter 9 : Selection III: Interviewing
  • Chapter 10: Decision Making

Author Information

Victor M. Catano

Dr. Vic Catano is an industrial/organizational psychologist, interested in personnel selection, assessment and industrial relations. He is the lead author of Nelson's Recruitment and Selection in Canada, the leading text in this area. In recognition of his contributions to the science and practice of psychology in Canada, he was elected a Fellow by the Canadian Psychological Association, and an Honourary Member by the Canadian Forces Personnel Selection Officers Association. He was recently awarded the Canadian Psychological Association's Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training and the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's award for Distinguished Contributions to Industrial and Organizational Psychology. His consulting clients include the Canadian Forces, RCMP, Nova Scotia Nurses Union, Capital District Health Authority, and Cape Breton District Health Authority.

Willi H Wiesner

PhD, Waterloo, Associate Professor, McMaster University. Extensive publishing, teaching and consulting experience. Area of research is in employment interviews. Past chair of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Association.

Rick D. Hackett

Dr. Hackett is a professor and Canada Research Chair of Organizational Behaviour and Human Performance at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. He is past Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association, and Past-President of the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. From 2001 to 2003, Dr. Hackett was Visiting Scholar at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. As president of Hackett & Associates Human Resources Consultants Inc., he advises firms in both the public and private sector on HR assessment and selection.